Monday, April 25, 2011

Holy Week

Week 17: Semana Santa

It has been a very full and fun week that seemed to accelerate and gain intensity.

Palm Sunday, a good quiet day that ended with a wonderful concert by Taylor Sounds and a reception with Mariachi music after.

 One of the musicians came over and asked for special requests from our table. I think he liked that I spoke Spanish.

Monday, Chef-son was back from the Nantional Ice Carving Association tradeshow (he is the current president) and they were wearing the new logos. Can you recognize the main tool of an ice carver?

Tuesday in senior's exercise class we took lots of silly pictures.

Wednesday, after a night of severe storms, half the town had no electricity. Ours was back by morning, but school was canceled and the library was closed which meant writer's group could not meet. The unexpected gift of time was used to prepare for the busy days ahead and the trip to Chicago.

Maundy Thursday--Chicago here we come!
Irati is a Basque teenager who came with the group two years ago. Last June we spent one day in her beautiful town--OƱati. She is visiting her host family in our area during her three-week Easter break. We took her to see the windy city. I realize that descriptor originally referred to the many politicians and their much talk. However, both days it was indeed windy, and cold.
We toured Moody Bible Institute and spent the night with my delightful cousin who is a beloved prof there.

Dr. Rosalie de Rosset
The first and urgent shopping stop was to get out of the wind and find a hat for Irati's sensitive ears. The only suitable one and within a decent price range was the boina (beret), very common in Basque Country! She did not like the looks; we thought it was stunning on her.

We walked the Magnificent Mile, saw the main icons (the Bean; the Willis Tower--the tallest building, used to be Sears), sat and sipped tea in the restaurant of the Art Museum, rode the L train, and dined Peruvian food.  All in one afternoon.

La Habichuela (The Bean)


Good Friday was rainy and cold. We stayed in all morning and enjoyed conversation with cousin Rosie, while Irati slept.

Then after lunch at a Middle Eastern restaurant, in one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods, we went to the nearby Loyola University campus for the Celebration of the Passion service in the Chapel.

The music was beautiful and the Scripture readings very meaningful.
Inclement weather forced us to shorten our visit to this prestigious university of Basque origin.

So we left Chicago grateful for the one good sunny day.

Saturday I cleaned and prepared food for two big days.
Upendra (Indian friend who stayed with us for several weeks two years ago) was visiting from New York and introduced us to his wife and new baby.

Sathya and Upendra Kumar
Rita meets Caleb David Kumar

South African friend, Chris (lived with us a few months some three years ago) came with his wife too. They live in Muncie.

Chris and Rachael Le Roux
Stephan and Karen were here as well. All four of us couples shared the stories of how we met our spouses. 

What a full and exciting week! And there's more to come! Sunday's a comin'!


The Bug said...

Wow that was a BUSY week! I like the beret too - I think it looks very sophisticated :)

I'm glad that you were able to spend so much time with friends. Seems to me that you & Mike are magnates, aren't you?

I guess that's a chainsaw on the shirts? Except maybe a smaller one that what you'd use on trees?

Rebecca Jo said...

I love the shot of the back against "the bean"... really looks like another person! :)

WOWWWW... how big are those weights???? I'm impressed! :)

Oldfangled said...

Mmmm, you didn't get the story of our shirts quite right. They don't have anything to do with NICA. Rather, the designs were created by an ice carver's wife who is doing this as a side job. It's called IceLine Gear. Just fun stuff for ice carvers (and their spouses), but not affiliated with NICA.

Mimi said...

What a busy and fun week!

Have a good week,

rita said...

Oops! My bad. I didn't do research or ask enough questions. See Oldfangled's corrections to what I stated about the shirts.

Kim said...

Y'all manage to pack more into a week! But sure looks like a fun one. Loved seeing the photo of Rosie -- she just never changes a bit!

Chicago has so many fun things to do; it's one of my favorite places to visit :)

McCrakensx4 said...

What a fun Easter with so many friends and family! LOVE Chi Town! But not in the cold. loving the pic of the Bean with the towns relflection! Hope you had a blessed Easter!

Anonymous said...


maravillosamente, la pieza muy buena