Saturday, April 16, 2011

Week 16

This week I was more intentional about a photo-a-day.
Sunday afternoon on a short walk I spied striking little white flowers peeking out of the forest floor.

Meanwhile Mike rode 84 miles on his second outing of the new cycling season.

Monday Kayla and Skye were both here after school. She picked an armload of daffodils and made up two or three bouquets to give away.

Earlier it had rained, ball practice was called off for our Muncie grandkids so they joined us at Monday Meal! I got my grandma fix but no photos! How did that happen?

Tuesday--a snapshot of Skye working, still gathering logs and stacking branches.

Then he made a pancake meal on his own!

Wednesday another typical Skye-after-school snack--a big bowl of cereal, leftover pancake and french toast. Oh, and always followed by lots of ice cream.

Thursday, and most days this week--taxes!

Mike will be much happier once tax day is over!

Friday, he's having fun at the Red Barn, and so is Kayla.

Saturday, was the first annual Barton Rees Pogue Indiana Poetry and Arts Festival. I attended a short zumba workshop and then one on writing poetry, saw an art exhibit featuring nine local artists and then the award program in the afternoon. Our own Center Stage dancers performed, among others.

So, it's been a good week. For me one of intense focus on photos and memories, processing hundreds of pictures--rescued slides from my parents, and many old photos of our family years ago. Another project that I chip away at each week is the Adventures in Europe posts, about our trip last summer. I hope to finish that travel series before this summer!


The Cyber Hermit said...

Skye's snack reminds me of how my brother used to eat years ago - and how I would get so jealous he could eat like that!

Good luck on processing the old family photos. My mom is trying to get the names and other things written on the ones she has so my brother and I will know who our relatives are. It's kind of fascinating to see all that history laid out.

Kim said...

I can remember being able to eat like Skye :) No longer though. Aside from the whole not-good-for-you part, I just can't eat the quantities I used to.

Signs of spring are popping up all over P365 posts :) I've enjoyed seeing flowers from all over the U.S.!

We're thankful for the accountant at the mission who does our taxes (and most of the missionaries!). What a blessing to not have to worry! Unless, of course, we end up having to pay :0

Have a great week! See you in just a few shorts ones :)

Lisa said...

Wait...were all those miles done on a bicycle??

That's about how my desk looks about now, for the same reason. NOT the most fun.


McCrakensx4 said...

wow...that is alotta food!! i imagine that is how my boys will eat soon enough (and I thought my grocery bill was hight now!! lol) Loving those pretty and how sweet of her to make bouquets to give away. Loving the little white perfect flower in the chaos of the ground covering too.

Mimi said...

I have 2 teen boys & their food habits boggle my mind. I love the little flower.

Have a great week,

Mimi said...

OH & 84 miles! That's insane to me.

The Bug said...

Love the daffodils! And I'm very impressed with the bike mileage. But, really, all I can think about is breakfast. I wonder why? :)

RaD said...

84 Miles?! Man, I'd be lucky if I felt normal after 5. Hmmm... maybe I shouldn't be admitting that. :0)

Hey I posted about Zumba too. Okay it was just a picture of the preschoolers enjoying their new class, but still, I mentioned it too.

sara said...

sounds like a busy week! our daffodils are long gone here, but my roses are starting to bloom and are beautiful!!!

I need to visit Mike's Etsy shop and see what new stuff he has!!


Your week was a hectic one it sounds like. Loved the pictures of the flowers.

Oldfangled said...

Nice photos! How did you like Zumba?