Saturday, June 4, 2011

Graduation Week

The whole week we were in preparation mode for the open house to celebrate granddaughter Kayla's graduation from high school. Our work increased and accelerated until culminating in the grand event today--an absolute success. Now, finally, I can put my feet up, relax, and reflect on the past seven days.

Sunday was quiet enough, except for the Indy 500 on TV. Stephan and Karen (son and DIL) came over to watch the famous race since they cannot get certain channels right now. Their dogs, our granddogs, came along. They love to run in the big open yard. I especially liked seeing them come up to the back door together and beg to come back in.

Gryffon and Gracie
 Sunday evening we said goodbye to one of our pastors who's been here twenty three years.

Bob and Jean Heilshorn's farewell

And Tuesday evening was my last time with a new friend from Mexico. I was helping her with English. She is moving on to stay with another family of relatives for a few months.

Rita and Miriam
Wednesday we enjoyed another visit from brother Ivan and SIL Kim. (Does this photo look like an Apple computer ad or what?)

Kim and Ivan

Thursday was a big work day to spruce up the place for the grand event. Kayla and Skye came over to help. After only one lesson on how to use the commercial mower...

...we now have a confident operator (and a permanent helper?)

Friday was the big day. We enjoyed the graduation ceremony and are so proud of our lovely Kayla.

We managed to get one photo of all the family related folks who endured attended the long ceremony waiting for Kayla's big moment.

Today our house was full of images of Kayla: a constantly changing display on the TV; framed photos everywhere; two huge posters covered with pictures; and a photo book covering the first ten years of her life.


The food was abundant: Mike's special grilled chicken; three amazing Pioneer Woman salads I slaved over made today: pasta salad; cole slaw; and my favorite potato salad.

Then there was the dessert table...mmmmmmmmmmmm

Best of all was the fun time had by all!


RaD said...

Wow! Sounds like a fantastic week surrounded by family. congrats to your Kayla. May she have a bright future ahead of her!

sara said...

you know it's so funny.....when we moved here from IN, we realized they don't do graduation open houses in AR. We were ready to make the rounds the first year and receive no invitations.....very weird!!! So when my son graduated, we put the $$ we would have spent on a party toward a new guitar for him instead!

congrats to Kayla!!!

Alberto said...

Congratulations to Kayla from all of us. Amaia has come out of their "confinement" to say: from me too!
I forgot one thing, I realize that you are celebrating all things with a lot of great food. You seem Basques (or is it vice versa?). Kisses for all.

Cotehele said...

What a wonderful reason for a family celebration. Congratulations to Kayla. Best wishes to her on the next step in life. I know you are proud of her.

Gryffon and Gracie are adorable!

skoots1mom said...

i love seeing Kim in your photos...I'm so glad they're having fun with their family in the states.
great pictures
congrats, Kayla!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

That picture of Kim made me laugh. While I don't have any pictures of it, we are becoming an Apple-loving family. It started with one iPhone, then we got a second, and then a month ago, we got a Mac desktop. Hubby was telling me the other night that he thought he'd really like an iPad. *eyes rolling* If that happens, I'll be sure to get a picture with all of our Apple products. :)

Happy Graduation to Kayla! What a sweet thing to throw her a party like that.

Mimi said...

It looks like you had a great week. I hope this week goes as well.

Have a good one,

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

lot's of graduation happening this week, you are right!

Glad you are enjoying your brother and SIL, I am glad that they are having a good visit stateside!


Kim said...

Mouth watering at the sight of the chocolate fountain! :)

So glad you had a beautiful day for the open house. Kayla looks so happy to be done with high school :) Now on to the next thing!

The Bug said...

Congratulations to Kayla! I know you're ready to relax now that this part of the journey is over. What's next for her? I think you probably said, but I don't remember...

Elizabeth said...

Congrats to Kayla... now she starts a new season in her life... one milestone complete...

Looking forward to seeing y'all in July!

Oldfangled said...

And that pasta salad was *really* yummy.

skoots1mom said...

prayers for you and yours..just heard about the fire...praying all are safe and minimal damage ;)

LuAnn said...

Rita -
Just heard about the fire. So sorry to hear this.
Pray for a speedy recovery for Mike!!
PRay for you also as you have to deal with all this too.