Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Before the House Fire

First of all, thank you all for the many expressions of care and concern.

The house fire divides our year in two distinct scenarios:

Before the fire...
I had photos for each day of week 24 leading up to the event, and still do, but now they have a different meaning as I look back from this new perspective.

Sunday, June 5th

Gina and Dana

So, whose daughter is Gina holding?
And whose daughter's graduation were we celebrating? 

Believe it or not, the little redhead belongs to Dana and not Gina.
We were at Gina's daughters' open house, happy that young friend K graduated from high school.
As I look at these photos now, I can see Gina's very worried and sad expression when she came and stayed with us the day of the fire. I am also reminded of her need to do something. She went out and bought us necessary toiletries and shoes.
As I look at Dana I am reminded of how her beautiful family (nine children) came over the next day with a wonderful meal that fed all of us the family members still around after a day of work.

Monday, June 6th
Geografia del mundo (1909)
An antique book arrived from my cousin who was cleaning out her books and found one in Spanish. I thought this page was especially interesting. I'm glad I have this photo which reminds me of the many books ruined by smoke, fire or water. However, much more was saved than we could ever have thought possible, including a newspaper clipping of my parents' wedding announcement in the same mailing with the Geography textbook pictured above.

Tuesday, June 6th

I went with Kayla to Ivy Tech Community College for her last placement tests and then we stopped to see the room she will have at Stephan and Karen's. Chef (Stephan), prepared us a lovely plated lunch.

Wednesday, June 7th
Our last tandem ride for awhile.

 Pottery classes at the Red Barn continue throughout the summer two afternoons a week.

Thursday, June 8th
So do my fitness classes at the Wellness Center.

Carolyn during warm-up
The house fire may have interrupted our lives in some areas, such as TV- watching, however these two activities (ceramics and exercise) go on faithfully.

Friday, June 10th--Dia del incendio (Day of the House fire)
The emergency crew strongly encouraged Mike to go to the ER to be checked out and have his burns and cut cleaned and dressed. He didn't want to but they won.
The doctor insisted on admitting him overnight for observation in case signs of smoke inhalation damage showed up hours later. Again Mike refused, but was outnumbered.

These are the last two photos taken with my damaged camera. The firemen found our cameras in the den. Mike's seems okay, but mine has a blank screen. It still works apparently, but they are point-shoot-and-hope-for-the-best mystery pics.

I love this very last one of Zion, one of the many visitors that day.
All other photos to come, including the very first one in this post, are cell phone shots.


sara said...

That first picture just takes my breath away. I am so thankful you are both ok and glad to hear that you were able to salvage more than you thought!

Rebecca Jo said...

I heard about this through Sara's blog... been wondering how you were!

Soooooo glad you & your hubby werent hurt!! So scary!!!

The Bug said...

I'm weeping, a little - but so glad that you two are safe & that you have some continuity in your life...

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I just can't imagine how you must feel! All of us in the blogging community are so very thankful that the both of you are all right!

Our prayers are with you as you begin the rebuilding process!