Sunday, November 20, 2011

More decisions and deadlines

We've had beautiful sunny days though the cold is definitely creeping in. That is why Michael has been working so diligently on the heating system--fixing, testing, tweaking, adjusting, making changes--until finally tonight he announced, "The heat is on!"

Last Sunday he stood pondering the next step in the process, after church on our way to my Uncle Bud's funeral. (Eldon "Bud" Hoyt, the youngest of eleven siblings, passed away November 3rd.)

Mike's three afternoons at the Red Barn certainly add excitement to his week as students and projects continue to increase in number.  When I stop by, the pottery studio is always buzzing with activity.
Looks like they are behind on the glazing process and may soon run out of space.

One student is glazing her teapot.

I believe some are working on Christmas gifts.

About a month ago Mike gave a talk at a Junior High in the nearby town. This week a state senator from that county sent him the following newspaper clipping.

Another article came out in our own local paper this week, describing Stephan's work. The interviewer did a great job considering all the information she was given. (To see a better color photo go to this previous post.)

Stephan and Mike, father and son, have been out hunting almost daily, sometimes even twice. Finally they were rewarded with five hits, but only three deer they actually found.

We will have plenty of venison this year.

Son Sam has slept very little all week to meet the deadlines for delivery and installation of cabinets and vanities. Last Sunday in the wee hours my neighbor left several voice-mail messages:

1. "I can see two shadows moving around your house. Tell Mike somebody is over there."

2. "We're sure two guys are over there. We're looking out for your place. Bobbie is going over with a gun."

3. "False alarm! It was Sam!"

Two nights in a row Sam and his helper were there working late into the night. The lower cabinets had to be in so the contractor could measure for the counter tops.
And this weekend again they were delivering all the other pieces, and working long hours. I worry.
Last night Mike insisted they go home and come back Monday. Other aspects are holding up the work now, and when we move in is not so critical anyway. Before or after Christmas, or on Christmas day? Como Dios quiera. As God wills.

These pics may give you an idea of the quality of the wood and the work.

Last week
This week

Mike and I spent one long day mostly shopping for floor tile for various areas, but also looking at appliances, lighting, flooring. Oh, so many decisions!

Work is happily interspersed with some play as well. Like Monday Night Meal with our family and friends, always a lively fun time. Here are the oldest and youngest of the grands.

Mrs. Kern :) and Zion
Yesterday I enjoyed the company of the two younger ones all day so Mom could get some work done.

Zion and Elijah


sara said...

so who funds the red barn? do the kids pay to be there? I so wish I had had some place like this to go when I was a kid!

I'm not a venison lover, but I see a lot of dead deer around here lately in the back of trucks.

your cabinets are GORGEOUS!!! I hope to see them in person soon!!! :)

The Bug said...

Love those cabinets - beautiful! And all this news-making in your family - you guys are the stuff :)

semperfi said...

Congrats on the deer. That teapot looks like it is going to be beautiful, loved to see the finished project. My boys did ceramics in 4-H & loved it.

Tammy said...

Rita I always love reading your blog and seeing all the progress that has come a long with your home,and how hard Mike and the boys are working, glad the heat is on and happy that you will have venison for the winter, GOD is Great. Thanks for the read, look forward to it, May you and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving, you have alot to be thankful for, and I know you don't need me to tell you that. lol, You Are Blessed.

Kim said...

Love to see the progress! Sam's doing a fantastic job on the cabinets.
Not sure I let you know that we received the books... they're packed and ready to come with one of the groups next year :)
We arrived just fine. Tired but trying to get some things done before we call it a day (like get our phones activated, buy some groceries, and catch up on e-mails... and blogs :)