Monday, November 7, 2011

A Whirlwind Week

Is it possible to cram more life events into one week?
I am convinced by now that our normal is the unexpected.

The daily hunting expeditions were successful, in spite of an occasional debacle (a favorite descriptor that brings back treasured memories of hunting with Grandpa Koch).

Sunday was our last day together with the Koch relatives. Brother Terry and SIL Sandy left a day earlier than planned for their drive back to Wisconsin, so as to avoid the snow. (The last time they were stranded eight hours in the mountains!)

One member was missing at our farewell dinner, teenager Cody out with friends, so I got his photo later.

Halloween Monday, Kenzie (16) celebrated with friends.

Tuesday we said goodby to Idaho and flew back to Indiana.

That same day our granddaughter was married in a quiet ceremony before the Justice of Peace.

We arrived in Indianapolis in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, spent the remainder of the night in a hotel and before heading home stopped at some major stores to begin thinking about appliances and furniture.
It was fun to get back to the changes awaiting us at the 'new' house--the drywall up and some of the siding.

Mike's Studio

My Writing Center (the loft)
That same day, Stephan finished his masterpiece that tells the story of our family's journey and the overriding theme of God's blessing. The icons represent the various phases of our lives. He didn't miss anything. cup runneth over...
The rest of the week was a blur of preparation for the marriage celebration and farewell.
Saturday evening we had a house full of family and friends.


The Bug said...

I love the sculpture! I demand more detailed pictures. Heh.

Congrats to Kayla & her beau - I'm glad you got to help celebrate the marriage before he had to head out.

Lastly - gorgeous Idaho shot!

Kim said...

Whew! Just reading about your week made me tired :)
Such fun seeing photos of the house looking more and more "finished".
I agree with the Bug, we need more detailed photos of the sculpture. Stephan did an amazing job!
Glad you were able to celebrate with the happy couple before Matt had to leave.

Lhoyt said...

The sculpture is very well done. When you send the detailed pix, I hope you will describe each phase represented, as I am not always very good at interpreting art. House is looking great!