Saturday, November 12, 2011

Back to Routines

...and more.
Sunday was Sam's 33rd birthday. To give them a break, the boys stayed here overnight Saturday after Kayla and Matt's party. So in the morning this is what I saw on the way out to go to church--all four grandsons sitting on the swing.

My Boys
Singing the silly Koch birthday song

Monday I received gifts from friends in Mexico, hand delivered by a church team that returned from there last week--a sweet little angel, and a salt and pepper shaker.

The young lady we supported graduated last summer with high honors. I am so proud of Mary and just wish I could have been there.
Tuesday I was happy to rejoin painting class and also one of the Bible study groups. These are the two books I am working through and enjoying greatly.

Grandson Skye stayed with us most of this week. Wednesday we introduced him to a favorite family card game--Nertz. Here is our running score.

State of the House:
Sunday evening I got together with my neighbor-friend to finalize color choices due the next day. Glenda loves interior decorating and gives me helpful advice. It is so good to talk over these decisions with someone else. Even so, I have been hesitant to go and see the newly painted rooms. What if I don't like what I picked? I did finally venture in.

Michael has been working long hours every day, on his feet all day long, dealing with water leaks, buying more parts. It is a very involved system but will be well worth all his efforts and the endless hours. I am so grateful for his patient perseverance.
He is very tired, however that did not stop him from going hunting as soon as deer season opened, early Saturday morning. Stephan was at his stand bright and early as well even though he had a very busy day ahead.

Karen and I enjoyed running a local 5K together this time. My dear DIL stayed with me the whole time which is why I did not walk even once and finally came in 40' 22". Not my best but considering I have sinusitis and a foot that aches, not bad either. I sure hope the axiom is true: Exercise is medicine.

Cold Start

Warm Ending
Cold is coming and is here. Oh, yes, we saw snow this week.


Kim said...

I like the blue! Of course you know I'm a fan of the blue :)
It will be fun to continue seeing photos of updates even as we head back in a week. And when we return in two years we'll see your brand new house!
Hope you and Mike both get some much needed R&R and relief from the colds going around. Not fun!
I found 3 books I forgot to give you, and left them with mother. Never had a chance to finish "Clay's Quilt" -- maybe next furlough!
Good job on your running time!

sara said...

We love Nertz in our family!!!!

I would like to know what the silly Koch birthday song sounds like!!!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I think for me the most daunting task of rebuilding would be all the color choices and all the other decision making that would have to be done. I'm with you, I find all that stuff so very makes my head hurt just thinking about it. I would want someone one else to be making all the decisions.....

I know you will be glad to be all moved in and settled back in your new space!


momma frans said...

love the paint color! your cold start/warm ending pictures are cute. :-)

rita said...

Sara, the silly song should be called the Krazy Koch BD song! Everyone sings whatever they please! You really don't want to hear it!


Love, love, love the paint color. What a yummy birthday cake. Your week looked loaded with fun and excitement.

The Bug said...

You're so cute bundled up for the run - but I'll bet that turtleneck got turned down pretty quickly!

I like the blue too - can't wait to see the finished product with all your stuff in there.