Monday, October 31, 2011


A Fall full of the unexpected. 
Is it Autumn or Winter?
Snow and fall colors mixing in October?
October is a beautiful month.
20 years ago, our granddaughter Kayla was born on October 5th.
This year on the 27th, she became engaged to Matt Kern!
Not so surprising because they have been boyfriend/girlfriend since sixth grade--seven years!

The most exciting news is that tomorrow, November 1st, she will marry Matt Kern before a Justice of the Peace! They are planning a wedding ceremony at a later date.
Saturday, November 5th, we will have a celebration of their committed love and also say goodbye to Matt, who is leaving for Basic Training in the Army, November 8, next week!
So many changes, and we are not home!
We arrive back on Wednesday, in time for the party.

This is our Octember.

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