Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week 43

This will have to be brief as I must pack for our trip to Idaho. Oh, so much to do yet!

Mother-daughter fun afternoon outing to see the last performance of "Bad Seed" at the Marion Civic Theatre. (Is she really that much taller than me?)

Rita and Leah

Cold enough to light the wood fire for Monday night dinner.

Karen lighting the wood stove
With some help from the instructor I finished a painting in one session. When I get back in a couple weeks we have a 'test' to see if we can do these flowers on our own.

Mike started playing Words With Friends this week and makes a big deal of every time he'swinning. However, I don't think he will have a 99 pointer again any time soon!

I babysat for youngest nieto (grandson) for a little while. We have a lot of fun. He likes to run into my arms, go back and do it all over again. I've never let the game go on as long as he would want it to!

As you have probably surmised, the happy Meemaw Moments above are the relaxing fun interludes amidst all the work. A busy week especially for Mike, maybe that is why I have no photo of him. He's been gone most of the time, but his job (installing the heating system) is as done as it can be without water and electricity.
The house is closed up now and can be locked. Tomorrow a crew will begin to hang drywall.

Meanwhile, I have been puzzling over a color palette. It is overwhelming, there are hundreds of hues.

Possible choices
After several rainy days, we've had a couple beautiful sunny ones.

State of the House


Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

So glad you could find time to have those happy, relaxing moments despite the busyness. House is looking great! Choosing pain colors, etc. is BY FAR the hardest part, isn't it?! But YOUR painting is just gorgeous!! I could never do that!!

The state of MY household?! Don't ask. "Squalor" is how I described it to a friend recently. :)

momma frans said...

I love seeing how the house is coming along. your painting looks fabulous! so talented!!

The Bug said...

I'll take Lori's squalor & add a helping of dishevelment :)

Leah's wearing heels - that's why she's so much taller (yeah right).

The house is looking great! I think you should make sure at least one room will match your lovely painting :)