Monday, October 17, 2011

Week 42

I have concluded there is no normal week. Each is full of new adventures, and even routine activities hold surprises.

Stephan spent several hours carving the oak stump. 

After exercise sessions at the Gray Barn, I usually go over to the Red Barn to see what's happening there. I was finally able to snap a picture of handsome grandson Skye (on right) hanging out with his friend, and busy on his cell phone, of course.

We got a call and visit from long time friends from afar and, of course, we ate lunch at Ivanhoe's.

Karen and Fred
He was best man at our wedding 41+ years ago. They are true global nomads that have lived in several countries and continents and have finally settled in Arizona.

A couple weekly two-hour painting classes produced another completed project. I never know what I will end up with--always a fun surprise. Who will get this one?

I spotted Stephan's dragon among the many unglazed pieces in the pottery studio. He was visiting one time and played around with the clay.

Happy Little Dragon

It was a busy place that day. This is what I saw when I first peeked in. Mike is in there somewhere going crazy with so many students. Fortunately, some of the older ones know what they are doing.

Ever since my visit last week, I've been playing Words With Friends with my ninety-year-old mother and she is winning! However this one strategically placed short word gave me a 67 point advantage and I won that game.

Grandparents' Day at Elijah's school
He has the same teacher his older brother had at a former school.

Mrs. Fredrerick and Elijah

First Grade Music Program

Mike worked all day every day on the heating system of the new house. Most days parts and pieces were delivered here. He also made frequent trips to Muncie for more. A complex system, indeed!

My outstanding accomplishment of the week was to reread most of the circa 100 letters I wrote to my BFF over a period of twenty years (9 - 29). It's like reading your diaries from childhood on through adulthood, non stop. The timing and urgency of this letter scanning marathon was due to the fact that I was going to see my brother and SIL for the last time before they return to Argentina. They will hand carry the treasured letters and return them to my dear friend Mirtha.

DIL Karen and I ran the Taylor Homecoming 5K at 8 a.m., and then I drove up to Winona Lake for  a noon meal in Mother's little apartment--as a despedida (farewell) to Ivan and Kim.

Karen stayed back and enjoyed the hot tub. We call her the "hot tub lady".


Eight or nine Hoyts gathered. We looked at many digitized slides, commented, laughed, shared, told stories and ate wonderful food.

Three of the five siblings with Mother
And, as always, took more pictures! Here are a couple Mother/Daughter pics.

Mother and Rita
Kim and Tina


The Bug said...

I love your painting! Very nice. And I'm bumfuzzled by whatever Mike is working on in the house - although I'm sure if I saw a schematic I could maybe figure it out.

I love that your whole family seems to talented - ice sculptures, pottery, carving, painting - cool!

Cotehele said...

Your week is very full! There is so much talent in your family. Thanks for sharing little snippets of projects and art. I love your painting.

Looks as though you are making good progress on the house. Do you have an estimated occupancy date?

rita said...

Dear Bug, you are kind.
The heating system is one Mike designed--radiant floor heating. And he is the only one in this area knowledgeable enough to install it.

rita said...

Cotehele: The time frame as of now is mid December.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Love you painting and love words with that mom is taking you to town even at it!


and can't wait to see the finished sculpture...

skoots1mom said...

great shots...
eager to see the sculpture

Susan said...

Wow, I love the painting! I can barely draw, let alone paint.

The photos of family are lovely, I always enjoy seeing folks smiling with family members (especially mom!) Thanks for sharing!


sara said...

I can not wait to see the unveiling of this sculpture!!!

I didn't realize Kim was going back so soon...when does she leave?

Kim said...

Can't wait to see the finished sculpture! I know it's going to be amazing.
So many great pics this week, including the one you painted! Lovely job.
Seeing how much I can do with the super slow internet we have where we're staying. In case I don't get an e-mail done, can you mail the books to our address in Jonesville? Thanks!