Saturday, October 29, 2011


The traditional Koch brothers hunting trip is on again this year and we were able to get away for the week.

Goodbye happy Upland temporary home...

(don't you just love the daughter's cute decorations?)
...and Indiana sunsets.
We arrived at Mike's nephew's place mid afternoon.

And ever since the men have been hunting birds of some kind every day for as many hours as possible.

Mike, however, did help butcher great nephew Cody's first deer.

I try to get out and walk and enjoy the beautiful countryside, the different vegetation, the mountains in the distance, and the blue sky.

Then, a surprise on the path! Any ideas?

Mike's artistic ceramic tiles found an appropriate home next to the photo of the three hunters.

Nephew Jeff, our host, hunter extraordinaire, would spend every waking moment out there if he could.

Meanwhile, the ladies knit. SIL Sandy is the knitting queen. She has completed several projects already.

Hostess Suzan has the day off and is learning to make wrist warmers.

The guys are having fun and so are we gals--sharing fun times, good food and life stories...

...and the obligatory cribbage every evening!


sara said...

looks like a fun week! but that bug....ugh! I have never seen anything like it!!

I am having a similar week coming up...3 of my best friends and their husbands are coming to visit...the guys will fish and the women will..well, we're not sure yet but it will be fun!

The Bug said...

Looks like a nice relaxing week for you :)

Kim said...

How big was that bug?! Looks creepy, scary.

Lovely scenery in Idaho. Glad you can have some R&R amidst all the work surrounding the house project!

skoots1mom said...

what fun you've been having!

rita said...

The bug was 2" long and I learned later it is called a red helmet cricket, harmless but scary.


What a great week it looked like you had....and that bug was scary looking. Great shots you have there.


What a great week it looked like you had....and that bug was scary looking. Great shots you have there.

Lisa said...

I imagine you two to be such a blessing to have around....that the honor of having you truly goes to the hosts. What a blessing family is!!

Mimi said...

It looks like a really nice time with loved ones.

Hugs & love,

momma frans said...

what a bug! eek! glad you had a fun week!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Ewwww!! Freaky insect! Yikes!!

I think it's great y'all are doing the hunting/knitting get-together. It's good to bond over similar interests. Glad y'all are having a fun time!