Saturday, January 7, 2012

Welcome 2012

Elijah's self-photograph (while doing a hand stand?)
Three grandsons helped us welcome the new year.
Saturday morning we packed up all the Christmas decorations and ate lunch at Ivanhoe's.

Malachi washing down a Big Panther
The older boys went with grandpa to the New Year's Eve festivities in Muncie where the robotics team put on their third annual ball drop. Each year there is some glitch. This time the ball did not light up till it was down.  :-(
Sunday, among other things, I did (sort of) play Christmas carols (a few) with some help. Didn't quite accomplish my yearly goal--to play through all the carols.

Zion and grandma duet
It was good to be back with our Monday night friends and the meal was excellent--Sticky Chicken, rice, popovers and tart tatin.

Tart Tatin
Tuesday Kayla had to say goodbye to Matt who headed back to SC for the second half of basic training.

Leah and Skye stopped by on Wednesday to show off their new looks.

New style
New glasses

And how do you like her fingerless gloves? That's my current knitting kick.

All week I've been intent on preparing for the move: pulling stuff out of cupboards, closets, and drawers; piling, sorting, purging, packing. (NO photos of the mess!) I said goodbye to my cherished family of geese (gifts from the grandkids, damaged by the fire). It's time for a new theme in the beautiful new kitchen.

Mike has been working at the house e.v.e.r.y spare moment. Even as I speak write he is there still hanging lights and putting handles on doors and drawers. And that after a long day at FIRST robotics Kick-Off! For the next six weeks Team 1720, with a lot of help from their mentors, will be designing and building a robot to play this year's game Rebound Rumble.

Friday night, however, we took time out to meet with  a new acquaintance, the lovely harpist, Sarah, the same one pictured in this previous post. Mike is fascinated by the artistry of harp playing. We learned a lot throughout the evening and asked Sarah to strike a pose. We don't know what involuntary action produced this interesting effect, but I like it.

So here it is Saturday evening and soon we will be moving into our new home!!!


  1. so excited that you will be moving in this week!!!!! Praying it all goes smoothly!

  2. The picture of you and Zion playing a duet is precious!
    Kayla looks so grown up now... like a totally different woman.
    love your new kitchen.... just beautiful.... those cabinets looks amazing!
    Happy New Year to you all!

  3. So excited for you to be getting into the house!!
    Have a great week Rita!

  4. I am praying your move goes smoothly. I know you are so excited. Loved the tart looked yummy.

  5. Congratulations on finally getting to move into your new home. I just know you will feel so wonderful to finally have all things in place and settle into your new space!

    Love the new kitchen.....

    That fruit tart looked


  6. Woot! I'm so excited for you and Mike!!! We'll be praying for good weather and a smooth move :)

  7. I'm so excited that you're moving! What kind of help do you need? Let me know when you come over tonight. (Will you still be coming over tonight?)

  8. That tart tatin looks heavenly - yum!

    I'm excited about your move. There will come a time when you're done unpacking & decorating & building & arranging... I hope you & Mike take some time to just BREATHE when that happens!

    As for fingerless gloves - I think I need those! I'm always having to take my gloves off to do things in the car during my commute. I should see if Kohl's has some cheap ones for me to try.

    Lastly, my Mike & I drove through Indiana on our way home from Chicago yesterday - we drove right through Gas City. We should have tried to track you guys down :)

  9. the tart looks delicious!
    can't wait to see pictures of the house are you get moved in and decorated!!
    prayers for good weather and a smooth move!

  10. So exciting to be moving into a new house! YAY!!!

    What a handsome soldier - so thankful for all of those that keep us free!

    And the harpist picture is awesome - I love when we get random cool effects like that!

  11. Sounds like a lot of excitement with the upcoming move - and the tart looks amazing!

    Trish @ 5MFB


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