Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Extra Week or #52b

So I got my wish, the one I made when we stepped into this temporary home, "I hope we're here for Christmas." I wanted a relaxed time together with enough space and freedom for everyone to spend a night or two. I truly enjoyed every aspect of CHRISTmas--the decorating, all the preparations in anticipation, and every minute with the family. All so meaningful and beautiful, even our 'anorexic' tree, as the daughter called it (smile).

Some stayed over till Monday. 
Elijah enjoying his DS-XL before breakfast

He came back the next day with his daddy. Sam worked at the house until late that night, so Elijah came back here with me and stayed overnight. 
He kept me on task with my exercise homework, except that he wanted to teach me some not-so-boring moves.

I assured him they were not part of our (the seniors) balance routines.

On Wednesday we ran errands together and stopped to visit the Indiana Ice Studio which was on the way. It was fun to see both Stephan and Karen at work. I hadn't been there in a long time so was impressed with all that goes on there, and the many trophies and awards!

Uncle Stephan was intent on showing Elijah all that his job entails--design, ice-making, the CNC machine, the fancy saw (glitter-paint for effect), and the finished center pieces for the weekend delivery.

In fact today, both Steph & Karen and Sam & Kristie, traveled three hours north to set up 80+ center pieces for a large New Year's Eve party.
I am looking after the three grandsons while they are gone. The little one is asleep and the older two have gone with Grandpa to the annual event put on by the robotics team--the New Year's Eve ball-drop.
So I have a couple hours of quiet to look back over the week and compose this final post of 2011.

Thursday, more errands and lunch with the daughter and grandson. I got to see her Christmas gift which produced an abundant supply of sweets for the family. These will probably hold us over through the busy days ahead of moving to the new house.

Speaking of appliances, ours were delivered to the house this week. The carpet is almost down. Ballisters being installed and we're still waiting on counter tops and furniture.

Thursday evening we were invited to play a new card game with friends. It was good to get out for a fun time.

Friday our landlady-friend came by with her whole family to show the new family members the home that holds so many memories.

The original family
And now the time has come to say,



Kim said...

So the big move is imminent! Will be praying for that to go smoooothly :)

Looking forward to what God has in store for all of us this year... back home for you, a new home for us... opportunities to share Christ with those who so desperately need Him... and who knows what else?! An adventure, to be sure.



I am glad you are planning to continue into 2012. We have to see the final product of the house. The snippets you have shown us just make we want to see every detail. Happy New Year!

sara said...

what? you mean you can do a handstand?!!! :)

Sounds like you had a very blessed holiday!!!

The whole process of ice sculpting sounds fascinating!!

Happy New Year, Rita!

semperfi said...

I love your banister!!! I always wanted one like that in my house.

Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

Happy New Year to you!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Love the spiral stair case, very cool!

I think we are all glad to finish out the year in pictures but also excited to anticipate what the year will hold for us all!

Looking forward to another P365 with all the fellow participants.

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Congrats on your house almost being done!!

So glad you enjoyed your CHRISTmas. And...I LIKE your anorexic tree!

Happy New Year!!

The Bug said...

I just love the woodwork in your new (old) home - that place is gonna be gorgeous!

I'm glad you're continuing P365 - otherwise I'd just have to track you down to find out how the house is coming!

momma frans said...

the house is looking great! I love the staircase!!
happy new year!