Saturday, December 24, 2011

Finishing Touches

Ready and waiting for the family to come over for Christmas celebrations!

Last Sunday, DIL Karen and I went for a late afternoon walk and saw the neighborhood lights.

The street sign reminded me that our time at this address is soon coming to an end, not sure when exactly though.

As Mike says, "Everything takes longer than it does..." 
He has been up and down and on his knees countless hours this week laying the wood floor, which he offered to do himself. Even today, Christmas Eve he was at it this morning early and now again, every spare moment, determined to finish before Monday.

Son Sam and his coworker finished installing the refinished spiral staircase on Wednesday.

It is beautiful and leads up to what is going to be my area!

The deck is done as well.

However, as of yesterday there is only one functioning toilet and one light in the whole house. So we wait and keep plodding on.
I have gone out every afternoon this week, shopping, running errands, preparing. The gifts are wrapped, the letters and cards sent, some snail-mail, most via e-mail (so many that Hotmail became suspicious and blocked my account!)

Stockings have been replaced and filled with each one's choice sweets. (I was surprised and saddened to realize we had not retrieved the old ones.)

So, we are ready and waiting. Silly Santa leads the way down to the gift area.
One family member is here. I picked up SIL Diane yesterday to spend a few days with us. 
Brother and sister are watching the Colts play and win!  Mike, relaxing a bit before going back out to the house to keep plugging away.

One of the holiday events took place this morning--the Christmas Eve brunch at Stephan and Karen's.

Scotch eggs and Montecristos
We had a good time with the Monday Meal regulars, such dear friends. And got to see Matt and Kayla, the happy couple. (I can't believe I did not get a picture of him in uniform when they stopped by last Sunday.)

Kayla feels like a new person. Her braces came off this week and she got her hair cut.

I leave you with this greeting...


sara said...

closer and closer!!! Can't wait to see the finished project!

kayla looks wonderful and so happy!

Merry Christmas, Rita!!!


Can't wait to see the finished house. It is really coming together.. Feliz Navidad!

Kim said...

The house looks amazing! So happy to see the circular staircase back in place. Your space is going to be great for writing, remembering, and whatever else you decide to do :) Trust you're having a great day with the family. Merry Christmas!

Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

Great picture of Matt and Kayla.... looking forward to seeing your new house all done! hope to see lots of pictures on here as you get settled in (when that time comes)
Merry Christmas!

The Bug said...

Ooh I LOVE monte cristos - yum! Matt & Kayla look so happy - how tall IS he? Wow!

I love Mike's saying about things getting done (or not!) - he's working so hard. I know you'll really treasure the new place once it's complete. Soon now!