Sunday, December 18, 2011

Almost here...almost there

Yes, Christmas is almost here, and we are almost there, in our new house.
This week we focus on the celebration, and later on the move.
Both require hours of shopping.

Last Sunday we spent the afternoon picking out the last of the light fixtures. So many decisions.

Later in the week I was asked what color the outlet covers should be.
Perhaps the title of this post should have been Decisions and Details.

It is always fun to get away Monday evening and meet and dine with friends and family at Chef-son's.
I had fun babysitting Zion all day so Mom and Elijah could visit her father.
Here is Zion, fascinated by Moe while Kayla is getting him to repeat "guinea pig".
In the end he was saying it over and over.

The dogs, Gryffin and Gracie, are entertained for long periods of time watching their new neighbor.

I can't remember much about Tuesday, except that I was tired enough to have to take a nap, always in the sun room with the wicker furniture with glass table tops.

Wednesday I went to a ladies' Bible Study Christmas brunch. The food and fellowship were wonderful! And I especially enjoyed looking at all the decorations and wondering what it will be like to prepare our new house next year for the annual Tour of Homes. Enough people have asked us to do this and it does seem the right response to a community that has seen us through the life-altering event of this year.

More meetings, shopping, decorating and wrapping presents.

I have enjoyed every aspect of this season, and every kind of decor...

...but my favorites are the nativities because they portray the amazing story of love we celebrate--the Creator of the universe entering our world as a human baby. .

Leah's Clay Nativity
Yesterday we attended the funeral of a five month-old baby taken suddenly. The service was so moving. The grandpa, our former pastor, and his sister shared some very meaningful thoughts. One that stood out was that only one baby was born into this world to die--Jesus, who came to give His life for us.

The State of the House
The various tiles are down in their respective areas.

Ship Room
This tile was chosen because of name and color: Argentina! See the blue? And where it comes from?

The painter should be finishing this coming week.

The deck is coming along.

Mike is laying the wood flooring.

The appliances are scheduled for delivery next Saturday. Really, on Christmas Eve?!

Next week I'll let you know how close we are to moving in. Meanwhile, have a very merry Christmas!



Loving the house progress. The tile is gorgeous. I know you are getting excited about moving back in.

sara said...

wow, you have a very busy couple of weeks!!! I know you are ready to get into the house! And I can't wait to be able to see it in Feb!!!!

Merry CHRISTmas, Rita!