Saturday, December 3, 2011

Snow and more...

 It's beginning to look a bit like Christmas...

Sunday a beautiful poinsettia was delivered to make our temporary home begin to feel like Christmas.
I decided to enjoy the season and began decorating our current abode as our moving date is so uncertain.

Mike gave son-Stephan an early Christmas gift so they could continue hunting together. (Muzzle loader season opened this weekend.)

Another shopping expedition and more decisions--counter tops and sinks for the vanities. Check that off the list. Hope we made the right choices. We also settled on faucets for every possible water outlet.
I have never paid much attention to the style, size or color of these necessary fixtures. Now I am learning to be more observant.

Tuesday granddaughter Kayla  and I were out Christmas shopping when it began to snow heavily. We left right away. No problem. We'd already been at it for over two hours. Both of us drove carefully and made it back safely to our respective homes. That evening I looked out to see how much had accumulated.

Wednesday morning the sun shone brightly through the sparkling trees.

First snowfall on the tree sculpture
The LITE (Life Independent Through Exercise) program for seniors, led by exercise science majors, is soon coming to an end so it was time to get at least one photo. This semester we've had the largest group ever and that has been so much fun.

Little by little I am digging out what Christmas decorations were saved and/or given to us. Here is my mere beginning with a small tree and Santa's train.

It will be a slow and oft interrupted process. Almost daily another decision is required. What style and color handles for the cabinets nearly led to an argument. What about toilets? Too many choices. Order grout color for the various tile floors, and blinds, and light fixtures for each area,...and on and on and on.

However, we made time to enjoy several favorite community events--two theater productions:
--A Christmas Carol, the musical at Taylor University
--Miracle on 34th Street at the high school.
--Sing Noel, a marvelous concert featuring international music and dance held annually at Taylor University.

We were uncharacteristically early which allowed us to listen to lovely, heavenly harp music while we waited to enter the auditorium. And doesn't the harpist look angelic?

How are you preparing your heart and home this Advent season?



Gorgeous snow pictues. Love the harpist shot....such wonderful daily events. Hope your week is fruitful.

The Bug said...

I'm reading a small booklet by Mother Barbara Crafton (you can see it in the sidebar of my blog). It has a short meditation each day on one of the Episopal Advent hymns - and I happen to have a hymnal since I'm in the choir now - so I go into the "music room" each evening to play & sing the hymn & read the meditation.

I think I would have to treat all those house decisions like I did my wedding - find someone I trust & make THEM decide! Of course that someone was my mother for my wedding & she's no longer here... But I have a cousin who loves to do stuff like that & she has good taste :)

Susan said...

Wow look you got snow! We had a bit last week but it melted just as fast as it arrives. Today seemed like spring!

Wish I could have listened to the harpist...yes she does look angelic!

Lhoyt said...

I'm afraid that making the decisions you have had to make would be almost as bad as being on the building committee of a church when they are building a new edifice or remodelling an old one. I think I would do the same as "The Bug" and just leave the decisions up to someone else, so long as the colors are not too dark.
The harpist--I thought it was a picture of a porcelain figure. Certainly would be a good model!

Kim said...

I'm enjoying the snow via your photos -- have no wish to enjoy it up close and personally :)

Lovely poinsettia! I like the start of your Christmas decorating too. Not sure I'll be able to dig through to our decorations in time, so I'll just enjoy the photos everyone posts on P365!

Just arrived back in Carlos Paz. Waiting for Ivan to finish what he's doing so I can help him move the fridge back into the kitchen. LOTS to do to get re-settled!