Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas is coming!

This week included: our town's Winter festival "Olde Tyme Christmas" with its Tour of Homes; a belated celebration of two birthdays (Malachi's 13th and Zion's 2nd); two trips to Fort Wayne (circa four hours each time) to chauffeur family members to necessary appointments; an elementary school's Christmas program (Elijah's at BSU's Emmens auditorium); a funeral dinner; and all the routine activities and those related to house reconstruction. In between all that I have been steadily decorating and preparing for Christmas.
So, in no particular order, here are the photos I managed to get this week.

After birthday cake, next best is anything Carz related!

One snowy morning

We made the paper chain at Thanksgiving dinner, each link has a written thank you to God.

The woodsy, snowy corner
Country Christmas
Dining room
Royerton Elementary Christmas program--first grade
Elijah is in there somewhere in the middle. The production was an hour and a half long, never a pause, very well choreographed. We enjoyed it but were kept busy entertaining the wiggly little one.

A brief respite--reading a book with Daddy

State of the House:

The doors are in and the trim is going up.
Mike is nearly finished with the heating system, making sure every aspect works right. He is very pleased with the efficiency of the new boiler which takes one third the amount of wood and heats up fast.
The flooring arrived and the very next day was reported to be unsuitable for radiant floor heating. We are grateful for this timely discovery! After several telephone consultations, Mike ordered the new material.
Today we bought most of the light fixtures. 

I will end with one final decor detail.

I enjoy seeing the sleepy Christmas bears every time I go up to bed.

Good night to all and have yourself a merry season of reflection and celebration.


Joanne Seaman said...

WoW---so neat to see the home Christmas decorations---and really love the Thanksgiving Blessings paper chain, such a neat idea---enjoy these special days in a home thats always been such a place of loving family holiday times and memories being made.

Kim said...

Really like all the Christmas tableaus! 'Tis the season -- for concerts, and parties and keeping extra busy!

Glad you caught the wood problem in time. Hopefully having to order and wait for the new flooring doesn't set you back too much on the timeline.

Have a great week!


I love the pictures this week....the snow, the decorations, the children. Thank you for sharing.

sara said...

I love your nativity over your mantel and your table runner.....both are beautiful!

Wow, that is great that you found out about the flooring before you installed it!!!

Have a great week!!

LuAnn said...

I love your chain of thanksgiving.

Nice door too.

Love the table runner.

Enjoy your week

The Bug said...

What a busy week! I love that door - and your sleepy bears :)

rita said...

The doorm between entryway and hall/great room, replaces the old door from the torn down elementary (previously high school) in town, looks just like it, but new.