Sunday, January 29, 2012

Little by little

Poco a poco ...

Every day we make progress in the settling in process. Some days more than others.

Counters, especially large ones like ours, tend to become work tables or dumping areas. Sundays are a good time for a fresh clean start.

The clay cobbler-man still sits on the counter waiting for some of his pieces to be glued back on. He is originally from our travels in Peru, a survivor of multiple breaks.
Later that evening Mike assembled my bookshelves while I worked on connecting all the cables between the computer and the power source. He thought that would be easy and that I couldn't go wrong. I wasn't so sure.

It was fun to take my neighbor-friend to Monday Meal. Mike can't go during robot build season. They meet every evening except Fridays, although that may change toward the end of the six weeks.

Glenda regaling us with stories of her birthday trip
Steady plodding all day Tuesday until evening when I left for a brief meeting. This is what I saw when I drove in after dark. The tree sculpture is lit up at night now.

Tuesday two family members stopped by to see the progress: Karen, after an interview at the high school; and Kayla after her last class.

DIL showing off her interview shoes

Granddaughter's beautiful hands (and Pinterest-inspired nails)
It snowed in the afternoon and there was a winter advisory, so Kayla stayed all night--our first overnight guest! She then got me started on Pinterest, but I haven't done much with it yet. Her nails, BTW, have words--newsprint applied.

Thursday Sam delivered our beautiful new dining room table. Two inserts allow for a 9 foot extension.

I moved the small table we had been using to the solarium. I've been told it was the first one my parents had. I need to learn more about its history.

Friday, I took a couple packets to Muncie to be delivered to my friends in Xocenpich. At the church I met a couple ladies who've traveled with the team for more than twenty years now. 

When I saw the suitcases all lined up ready for their early morning flight, I was reminded of seventeen years ago. Mike and I went to CancĂșn on our 25th wedding anniversary and encountered this church group and their bright orange marked luggage. Years later, I was privileged to go several times with students and meet some wonderful people.

In the evening my friend Jane and I went to a ladies' weekend at a nearby retreat center.
We awoke the next morning to a snow scene, lovely while it lasted.

The fellowship with women of all ages was rich. A weekend not soon to be forgotten. :-)
However, I missed out on grandson Elijah's 7th birthday party. :-(

And now, back home, I'm trying to catch up.


Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

Wow... another beautiful job of woodworking by Sam... love the table!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Great Week! Getting all things in place takes a lot of time but getting it all finished will feel wonderful. It took me a very long time to get totally unpacked and that moved in feeling.....


sara said...

I am so excited that in 2 short weeks I will not only meet you but have the privilege of seeing your home!!!

warning.....pinterest is addicting!!!


The Bug said...

Love the new table - it's gorgeous!

We only have a couple of flat surfaces & I periodically go through & redistribute all the stuff on them - I wish I'd be more diligent about doing it on a daily basis!

skoots1mom said...

can't wait to hear about your and sara's meeting ;)
great shots this week
beautiful furniture


Love the counter and those gorgeous lights. The wooden table is amazing. I would find out the story about your parents first table too...there might be a post there. I too remember those suitcases with bright markers on then from many trips. I am addicted to pinterest. Your DIL's nails look do her hands.

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Well, you've certainly made good progress on the house!!! Love the tables...both of them!

The tree sculpture is amazing. wow.

In the past I've had very similar "markers" for my airport luggage! Perhaps I should choose a different color. :)

Kim said...

Be careful with Pinterest -- it's addictive :) But also wonderful fun!

Lovely table! Sam did a fantastic job. Would he be willing to share the plans, do you think? After 3-1/2 years we still haven't found a dining table we like. So we're pretty sure Ivan will have to build one. We really like the idea of an expanding table.

Fun to see dad and mother's old table and chairs put to use! I like the way the sun plays over the table/chairs in that photo. It looks like a very inviting sitting area!