Saturday, February 4, 2012


Celebration Sunday
For several years now as a church family we all go to the university dining commons for dinner. It is the weekend between January term and spring semester so the students are gone. While enjoying this time with friends, I try to remember to have someone take our annual photo as it falls on or near our anniversary.

The actual day, Tuesday the 31st, started with a special breakfast, but life went on pretty much as usual with the added glow of gratefulness for our forty two years together by God's grace.

Poached eggs on toast

Later Leah brought over some of her wonderful baked goodies.

I talked to Mother and learned the story of the table and chairs.

 Grandpa Hirschy bought the set for Mother and Dad when they were married. Those early years, while they were students, they divided their time between Winona Lake and Huntington where Dad pastored a small church. During the summer they lived in an apartment next to the meeting hall over a bridge and through the school year they stayed in Winona on Chestnut St. and spent all day Sunday in Huntington. The table went back and forth with each major move. Then when we left for Argentina (I had joined the family by then) grandpa and grandma kept the dining set for them. Many years later, after the grandparents were long gone, Aunt Joyce took over the Hirschy home. My parents had come back to the USA to stay, so she returned the table and chairs to them.

Progress report: Mike put up the mural in the "Ship Room"; installed blinds and ordered more; put together a TV stand, and much more. The painter came back in the nice weather to finish a couple paint jobs.
The front door frame is no longer a striking white so I decided to take pictures. And the sun was shining.

From the lane as you drive in
All week the weather has been very mild, sometimes sunny and spring like.
At the beginning, I see from this Sunday photo, there was leftover snow. 
Momentary sleet and small hail one day. 
Sun most of the time and some spotty rain. 
This morning a snow coating that quickly disappeared. 
Punxsatawney Phil says, "Six more weeks of winter." "What kind of winter?' I ask.

Big brother trying out Elijah's new wing-back scooter

And today, Saturday, the 4th, is daughter Leah's birthday. We're off to celebrate. Be back later with a photo or two. Hasta luego...

Home again. We met at a restaurant in her town and had a great time. The lighting was not good and the only good photo does not show Leah's liveliness. All those shots are blurry, I wonder why!


Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Uncle Mike.... and Happy Birthday to Leah!

What a great week of celebrations!

LuAnn said...

Congrates on 42 yrs.. That is great.

I love the table. I have my grandparents table. We played cribbage with my prarents yesterday on this table. Figured it was 76 yrs. old.

sara said...

I am hoping that snow and winter weather will stay away until after I am gone!!! :)

The house looks beautiful.

Congrats on 42 years!!!

I couple of years ago, I took a video to my moms and recorded her telling the stories behind all her favorite pieces.

Kim said...

It's fun to see photos of the house, with the sculpture by it. I hadn't really understood the placement of it until I saw the picture :)

Have never been into football, but I did enjoy the party food that goes with Superbowl Sunday :) Also liked the "Souper" Bowl our church always has, with different ones bringing huge pots of soup/stew/chili... and then one is voted Soup of the Year!

Have a great week :)

skoots1mom said...

your home is beautiful...especially love the view from the rear w/ all the levels

congrats on your anniversary!

i'm pulling for the giants, I think...not really committed either way.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Happy Anniversary!

The Hubs and I are coming up on 30 years next May!

I never think to make poached eggs, I love them, I need to try to fix them more often!



Happy Anniversary. Loved all the shots this week. I loved the poached eggs. Have a wonderful week.

The Bug said...

Happy anniversary! And happy birthday to Leah :) I find that in low light sometimes my camera just doesn't want to focus very well.

Love the house pictures - that sculpture is pretty darn impressive!

I also wonder what kind of winter we'll have. It was 19 when I left the house this morning (although clear as a bell). Was I just worrying about it being too hot last week?

Lhoyt said...

The house looks great!
Glad you had a good anniversary week.
I had never heard the story behind the table and chairs. I had to think how much like Aunt Joyce it was to remember and follow up on such things. Rosie did that for me with several pictures of Mary and myself at Grandma's which are irreplaceable.

Lhoyt said...

The house looks great!
I had never heard the story of the table and chairs. In fact, I'd never even heard of them. But that made me think how much like Aunt Joyce it was to remember and follow up on such things.
So glad you had a good anniversary week.