Sunday, March 11, 2012

Beauty in many forms

The theme that stood out to me for this week is that of beauty--the beauty of family and friends; sunshine and nature; artistic expression; and the body of Christ.

Sunday we met our friends for dinner at the Potawatomi Inn part-way for both of us. We were on the same team in Germany forty years ago and later in Austria.

Potawatomi Inn

Dennis, Donna, Rita, Mike
Monday, when I took my friend over after Zumba class, to see what was going on in the Pottery room at the Red Barn, there was quite a crowd and a lot going on. Fortunately for Michael, the ones who've been coming regularly know what they are doing and he mainly has to attend to the new ones.

After several days of watching the tornado devastation in Southern Indiana, Mike decided to go help. So, very early Tuesday he took off for Henryville. Later that morning he called and asked me to take his broken chainsaw in to Muncie for repair and wait for it. They had a lot of work lined up but I think because of the urgent need they had it ready in a few hours. Meanwhile I went to Hobby Lobby and fell in love with an item of garden decor.

While Mike is clearing debris, I am thinking how to decorate our new home. Quite a contrast.

Wednesday our contractor/friend came by, checking on final details, and I caught this picture out the kitchen window.

 Except for that first day of the week, we have had beautiful sunny weather, though blustery at times.

Thursday, Mike and a few other guys went back to Henryville and it rained all day! They worked hard anyway.
I kept to my home duties and exercise schedule, which now includes water aerobics twice a week. I managed to get this photo as the women were leaving the pool.

BTW, did you know it was International Woman's Day? I didn't until I saw many greetings sent via Facebook, mainly by my Hispanic friends. They seem to remember and be up on all those celebrations.
Mike got back, soaked and filthy, in time for a shower and an evening with friends. They brought the dessert--yogurt parfaits.

The day wasn't over, however. Sculptor-son Stephan came to help his dad perfect the sculpture he is working on.

Friday I looked out and saw deer grazing, always a lovely sight.

Taylor students came over Saturday afternoon and we had a cookout, first of the season.

We told them about the picnic there the day after the house fire.

We could not linger, however, as later that evening Kayla had a dance performance in Anderson. It was great to be able to take Leah to enjoy the evening, watch the gala performance, and especially get to chat with Kayla before and after.

We had looked at coffee tables earlier in the week and later decided which one best fit in with our decor.
I also picked up some decorative plants, albeit artificial. What do you think?


momma frans said...

love the coffee table, and what a cool inn you met your friends at!
sounds like a full but fun week!

The Bug said...

Your living room looks lovely & inviting - I think it's inviting me to come over - ha! Maybe I will one of these spring days :)

So glad that Mike was able to help!

Kim said...

Say hi to Dennis and Donna for us next time you see them!
What I remember about the Inn is that the waitress was kind enough to show us how they did the fancy folded napkins :) I still do that fold sometimes!
Love that decorative bike planter!
Water aerobics sounds like fun. And much easier on arthritic knees like mine :)
Great choice on the coffee table. Looks great with the pottery. All Mike's?
Have a great week!

stephan said...

I like the coffee table---your house looks so luxurious!


Love the coffee table....and the room is so beautiful. I am a yogurt parfait nut. I adore the things. Looked like you had an amazing week....