Saturday, March 17, 2012

Memories from the Muck

As I come across a variety of rescued and restored items that have come back to us  from the house fire, this title comes to mind repeatedly as a possible blog series. There would be so many stories to tell. A few of them show up in the photos of this week's blog post.

Sunday is a blur...

Monday, however, cannot be ignored--our son's 41st birthday!

Mi hijo

Clay Chef and Teacher Bears,  created by Leah

Cutting board made by Sam with leftover butcher block pieces.
Tuesday was also unforgettable--a trip to Henryville with 35 other volunteers on the LightRider bus to do whatever we were assigned in the tornado damaged area. I have over 100 photos so it is very difficult to choose one. You can go to my album on Facebook to see them all and read the narrative. I was not assigned to the worst areas, so you will not really see the devastation. The guys with chainsaws spent the morning cutting up trees and gathering debris. We saw many loaded trucks go by where we were.

Our group was sorting new donated clothing and food items. 
In the afternoon all 36 of us cleaned up an older lady's land and cut down damaged trees.

It's been good to see daughter Leah almost every day and doing so well. Wednesday she gave me a thank you gift.

Thursday the Belfor people returned three paintings beautifully restored and newly framed.

"Arroyo Toledo" by Juan Colle
This one is a favorite for two reasons: the artist was a friend who is now in heaven and the stream is in the sierras of Córdoba by the camp I attended when I was growing up.
We haven't had time to hang it up yet. I wanted you to see how well the colors match.

The robotics regional competition was this week. Mike and the team left for Purdue Thursday, a day to unpack Marvin and practice. Friday they competed in qualifying rounds and ended up somewhere in the middle. And Saturday they made it to quarter finals before losing to the overall winning alliance.

Our daffodils exploded overnight! I've never seen so many and all the varieties out at once. Multiply these by ten at least to imagine what our yard looks like.

The landscape closer to the house is in a very bad state. Much work awaits.
The weather all week has been so beautiful. I got out and started picking up debris--glass, nails. But I think there must be a better way.
I noticed all the new growth coming up in spite of the mess. What are they all?

Hyacinths and ?

Columbine coming up?!

A type of lettuce?

A lonely tulip


Delilah Love said...

It looks like you had a great week! Our flowers are blooming like crazy too. I have a black thumb so I'm thinking you should come landscape my yard. Ha! Have a wonderful Sunday.

Kim said...

I don't think I'd ever seen that painting by Juan before. How beautiful!

So many lovely flowers popping up! I picked both hydrangeas and roses this week, to enjoy inside.

Sam did a lovely job on that cutting board, and Leah's little bears are so cute.

Looks like a lot of work to be done after a tornado. My goodness!

Have a wonderful week!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

WOW! How great to have the perspective to see things that have come through such a difficult process as fire and still surviving.

I love all the new growth...God's perfect plant, things can be difficult for a time but then rebirth!

Love it!


What a week! Loved the green stuff and flowers.

The Bug said...

That's a lovely painting. And your flowers are lovely too. I can't help you with identification - sorry!

LOVE Leah's little bears - so cute!

beckyjomama said...

LOVE those tiny bears!

What a Blessing to have that painting restored!

Wow - the devastation. Praying!!!

SO glad you named your flowers. I have NO knowledge of such things and have some stuff popping up in our new yard that I didn't know what they were. You just solved my mystery!