Saturday, March 3, 2012

Grateful for Life

Many hours were spent accompanying daughter Leah as she fought the infection that almost took her life.
We are all so very grateful for the many prayers and the good care she received.
Nurses and family visitors came and went, but "Ivy" never left her side ;)

Leah and her friend Ivy

 Skye found a wheel chair to take his mom for a walk, but mostly to sit in and do wheelies.

Skye's new toy

They are all trying to help Kayla with her math homework.

Intense math session
Later she and I went to a play at the university. It was intense too, based on the life of Maria Callas.

Some of the actors of Master Class
Michael got back from Myrtle Beach golf trip bright and early Monday morning. He had a great time getting to know some neat people and improving his golf game.
On the way to Monday dinner we stopped to check on the second robot.

Marvin's twin--Banchi
Marvin is bagged and resting (back left). 
Meanwhile, the team is perfecting Banchi, the noisy one, to use for driving practice. 
They came by the name Marvin from the little green head resembling Marvin the Martian.

Wednesday Leah was released, exhausted and weak but happy to be out of the hospital.
I brought her to our house. She slept soundly.
In the evening her family came and after a good meal she was ready to go home.

The family reunited
Leah was so happy to see her little Zeus.

Thursday we enjoyed the visit of a few college students we've befriended.
We really want to share our new home and are trying to be very intentional about practicing hospitality.

Contemplating the sculpture Mike is working on
Friday Michael started teaching an evening pottery class for adults at the Red Barn where they now have five wheels.

I've been helping Leah and family with some meals. This evening, however, Mike and I went to a fundraiser at the school, the typical tenderloin dinner. I ate mine without the bun, and grilled not fried.

These events are fun because you get to meet so many people from the community.  

It's good to be alive!


Kim said...

So glad Leah's out of the hospital!

I enlarged the photo but still couldn't make out what the sculpture is... maybe you can take a photo of the finished product for us when he's all done? :)

Yes, those community events are about the people, not the food. LOL

Have a wonderful week!

skoots1mom said...

so happy to hear Leah's better and at home
have another great week

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I know that you are glad that your daughter is out of the hospital. Praying for continued recovery and that she is on the road to feeling much better!


The Bug said...

I'm so glad Leah is ok! Very scary... Glad she has family close by too.

I'm sorry, but that last meal doesn't look very exciting - but I guess the fellowship makes up for it :)

semperfi said...

Glad Leah is better & home. Hope she recovers quickly.