Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another full week

Lovely weather here. We enjoyed our first meal outdoors and tried out the deck furniture.

New flowers popped out this week--a returning and expanding clump of irises out back, the area we haven't groomed yet.

Tuesday was election day. I sighted yet another county Garfield statue at a former school building in the neighboring town, my voting precinct.

Garfield gone fishin'

It was only blocks away from where Kayla and Matt live, so I had to swing by and snap a photo in the daylight.

Matt and Kayla's cute rental
Wednesday we went to the Senior Center for lunch. Good food for only $3 and 130+ interesting people. The program included some Mother's Day poems and a fun sing-along. The pianist was excellent. What I found revealing was that I hardly knew any of the American folk songs.

Finally the front garden plot is taking shape. I removed leftover chunks and pebbles from the spot where the builders mixed cement. We are amazed to see how many of our perennials survived: hostas; the jack-in-the-pulpit; others are still coming. I marked the border with some rocks and planted some annuals purchased from the FFA greenhouse at the high school.
Can you see the angel garden ornament and the flower-laden bicycle?

Flower Garden in Spring

Now I must work on the landscaping below the house, on the south side.

I traveled to Winona Lake to spend time with my parents over the weekend and arrived in time to attend the ladies luncheon Saturday.
Sunday, Mother and I went to church early so she could practice the hymns for the morning. She was having a little trouble and insisted I play the organ prelude and she would take over after that. I joked to the few early arrivals about being roped into playing. They said, "Do you still have to obey your mother?" ;-)
Others commented on the younger version of Kathryn at the organ!

 Hmmmm...I wonder how long Mother will keep on playing for church? At 90 years of age she shows no signs of slowing down.


sara said...

I had to blow that picture up to see the bicycle!! looking good!!

I can't wait to be sitting on that deck in a few weeks laughing and visiting with y'all!!!

I was just at a women's ministry meeting last night and one of the ladies on our committee is 92...I want to be like her when I am that age!

The Bug said...

I love that your mom roped you into playing at church - once a mom always a mom :)

Yes, I DID see the bicycle & ornament - but only after you pointed them out. Can't wait to see the late summer pics!

Oh, & that really is a cute little house :)

Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

What a cute house for Matt & Kayla!

I think it's so wonderful that Grandma still plays the organ at church.