Monday, May 21, 2012


From Mother's Day to birthdays, end of ladies Bible study to graduations, open houses, and dance recitals--May is a busy month. Very few of these activities affected Michael, however. He took off both weekends and put in 300+ miles on the bicycle and appears nary the worse for it. (I wonder if he is training for another cycling adventure in the Pyrennees?)

Sunday, after I arrived home from visiting my mother, Leah came over with a special little cake for me for Mother's Day!

Monday is usually a catch-up day after a busy weekend. Quite often I forget to get a photo. I was already in bed when I glimpsed a photo-worthy scene--Mike practicing the latest sculpting lesson.

I invited the ladies Bible study group to have the final brunch in our new home as they were all very supportive through this unusual year and also very eager to see the house. Tuesday busy getting ready, no photos.

Wednesday was a beautiful day and we had a very enjoyable time together, some inside, others outside.

Thursday Mike and I went away for the day to mourn celebrate the last day of my 68th year. We ate a deli sandwich at the Indianapolis City Market sitting at the little empty table pictured here.

And for dessert--baklava for the road. Mmmmmmmm, delicious.

Then we went to see the popular Hunger Games movie and run some errands in the big city.
Always wonderful to get away together.

So Friday was the day I was born 68 years ago. It turned out to be a very lazy day. I didn't go anywhere, worked in the garden and even had a little siesta. Later Leah came by with another beautiful little cake.

Lately, weekends have been so full that I am unable to fit in this faithful blog post. You will understand why.
Saturday a.m. I attended the Taylor University commencement ceremony in order to connect with relatives I rarely see--my cousin's granddaughter graduated.

Sitting next to the 'tunnel' formed by the professors brought back memories of those happy times greeting and congratulating our students.

I really like the colors of this former colleague's regalia, they remind me of the Argentine flag.

I slipped out of there hastily so we could make it to Kayla's dance recital in Anderson.

That was not the end of the day, but I will spare you further details. Lucky for you, and me, Sunday's full account belongs to next week's post. Makes me tired just remembering.


oldfangled said...

You've been very busy! But weren't you born 69 years ago? (You said 68.) And am I in the doghouse for bringing that up? ;)

Anonymous said...

I wish we could have visited longer. But we appreciated you looking us up. Hopefully we can spend some time later. Marge

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE a Brunch party! One of my fav ways to get together with folks and fellowship!

Lot's of yummy treats this week, your sweet tooth must have been happy!

Happy Birthday!


rita said...

Karen, I completed 68 years and am working now on the 69th.

oldfangled said...

Ah... I misunderstood. Gotcha.

skoots1mom said...

Happy Birthday!

karen kay perry said...

I always enjoying your very 'homey' blogs, Rita. Though many miles separate us...they really make me feel like I am right there in your lovely little town and home...

karen kay

sara said...

seems like a busy but very fun week!!

hmmmm...baklava!!! and those cakes!! Looks like a "sweet" week too!

Kim said...

I got tired just reading about your week :)
All good things... just a LOT of them!
Lovely cakes by Leah!

The Bug said...

Happy happy birthday! I love the little cakes.

Your weekend does sound really busy. I think Kayla's dancing outfit is really cool!