Monday, May 28, 2012

Special People

When I gathered my photos for the week, I realized two things: there were only a few, and all about people. So I threw in a couple extras.

I mentioned last week that Sunday was a very full day. However, I only have one representative photo--not food related (Diane and I ate out after church), nor about the county wide driving (to Marion, then Muncie and back), but one special graduation open house, or should I say full house? There were wall to wall visitors at the other Kochs (no relation) to honor their two graduates--son Tyler (college) and daughter Karly (high school).

Happy Sibling Graduates
Karly has a wonderful spirit of praise and perseverance through pain as does her family. You can sense this in her mother's blog [].

Monday is often the day I forget to get a photo. It was not lacking in special people, however. We had a great time with one of our missionary families before the monthly Missions Board meeting.

Tuesday I had a memorable encounter with the mother of one of the little kindergartners I met with several times a week when I was a bilingual specialist in 2008-2009.
The photo of the day, however, was of my own grandson entertaining himself during big brother Malachi's ball game.

Zion is obsessed with driving! Scary!

Wednesday, dear friends stopped by on their travels for a couple hours of sweet fellowship. They were majorly responsible for our move to Upland almost thirty years ago.

Quite often our visitors get to pick out a Klaytivity piece of unique thrown pottery!

Oops! No photo to show for Thursday, even though my journal lists good times with various ones. I think I'll throw in an older photo with a reference to an even bigger Oops!

Last week, just in time for our ladies brunch I picked up the brochures from the printer and handed some out freely.  One day this week son Sam pointed out a big mistake--an entire paragraph was copied and pasted twice! I never caught that in the proofing processes.

Notice the lovely embroidered towels one of the ladies gave me.

The trifold leaflet was prepared to explain the story of our lives as depicted in the tree sculpture son Stephan created, to hand out at our Open House, June 10th 2-5 p.m, on the anniversary of the house fire  All invited!

Friday, a few of us women friends went to lunch to celebrate the birthday of our mutual friend.

Meanwhile argentinos around the world were celebrating a national holiday to remember the May Revolution of 1810, everybody wearing the escarapela (blue and white rosette symbol of patriotism).

In my craft room I have an old map of Argentina. There is a tile in our bathroom that always reminds me of the map I traced ever so many times in school when I was growing up in Argentina. What do you think?

Notice the little poncho-vest and hand bag by the map. I used to wear them as a little girl  when we visited churches while on furlough. My mother gave them to me recently. I had forgotten those memories.

Saturday was Mike's birthday. I looked down and saw him wearing his cycling jersey, ready to ride with the bike club as usual on Saturday mornings and, in the meantime, throwing a pot on the wheel--two activities he enjoys.

I'm late again this week. It seems the weekends are too busy. Will that ever change?


Kim said...

I say the old adage is true: Better late than never!

I agree that the tile looks a lot like the Argentine map :)

Ivan got to go to two special events over the holiday weekend! He enjoyed both, but wasn't feeling very good at the 2nd one due to a bad head cold that went into his chest :(

Lhoyt said...

I remember the poncho and purse combo, but never knew the story behind it. Thanks for filling us in. How do you manage to get so many drop-ins? I could wish to have someone visit even if only once a month. Always remember "All Saints' Hotel" is open 24/7, so all you need to do is call ahead to make sure we will be home.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I agree, that tile does look like Argentina!


oldfangled said...

Those towels are really cute!

The Bug said...

What a cute poncho - I can just see little Rita wearing it :) I agree about the tile too - it's uncanny!

Happy birthday to Mike! I'm glad he spent it doing things he loves.