Sunday, June 3, 2012

Birthdays, Grandparenting, and Cycling

Sunday evening we were invited to Sam and Kristie's for the family celebration of our birthdays.

Of course we had to endure the horrible Koch-rendition of the birthday song. It only gets worse. And was longer this time, maybe to account for two birthdays.

Monday, Memorial Day, Mike decided it was a beautiful day for a tandem ride, so off we went for breakfast at McD's seven miles down the road. I get their oatmeal and senior coffee.

In the evening, Leah brought chicken and we had a lovely meal on the deck with a few family members. Later they watched TV and enjoyed watching them laugh and have fun!

Tuesday we went back to our neighbors who have a new business Reichert's Aquaponics and bought more plants and annuals. I planted till it grew dark.

From the line-up on the counter, it looks like Mike was busy "saggar" firing some old and new pots.

Like some of my gardening, Mike's ceramics is in part experimental. One is never quite sure what will result.

Wednesday evening after Malachi's game we brought all three boys home to spend the night.
This time we learned about some of their idiosyncrasies.
Elijah sleep walks and laughs out loud creepily when discovered, yet causes no trouble when led back to bed.
Zion has an issue with eating nuts. He chews them thoroughly, but refuses to swallow or spit out the mush. Can't talk in the process so he was quiet for a long time, except for crying when we tried to interfere.

Thursday Elijah asked grandpa for a pottery lesson.

View from above

View from outside through window
Friday is the day we pick up our share from Victory Acres. Here's a sampling of the variety for this second week of the season.

Mike and I went to see No Greater Glory and highly recommend it--the true story of the revolt in Mexico (1926-1929) of believers fighting for religious freedom and willing to die rather than deny Cristo Rey (Christ the King).

Saturday yet another tandem trip, longer this time, a mini-vacation of sorts. Forty miles to an overnight destination with dinner and a show at Bearcreek Farms.

One of our young friends said we were 'totally crazy' :-)  She was thinking of the 40 miles of cycling. My initial reaction was that with the Open House only a week away, and a full week ahead, perhaps this was indeed  a crazy idea. However, here we are, home again, tired and happy. More next week.


Kim said...

Sounds like an absolutely lovely week! I really like your shadow-on-bike photo -- amazing how much detail shows up.

All that fresh greenery makes me drool. It's getting harder and harder to find decent lettuce and such in the stores, as winter fast approaches. I'll have to enjoy seasonal vegies vicariously through y'all in the states :)

Hope you have a great week that's not too stressful, getting ready for the big party!

sara said...

I loved seeing all the pictures of your home this week....I'm getting so excited to see you!

I think the mini vacation sounds fun!!

Happy late birthdays!!

The Bug said...

Those are great pictures of the two of you - happy birthday!

Mike & I should try tandem biking. If we could actually get it going I'll bet we could easily do 2 miles. Heh.

I'm glad you had a mini vacation - it actually sounds like a lot of fun to me!