Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Big Day and Beyond

The long anticipated event is over and we are in recovery mode, still feeling the warmth of the afterglow. It is difficult to pick one photo.

Welcome all!

Sunday, June 10th, we welcomed at least one hundred thirty visitors the three hours of the Open House and were sorry we couldn't spend more time with each one. There were many highlights: Stephan's ice sculpture and his catered spread were amazing; the pastors' prayers and the many wonderful comments; my mother was able to come! And many more. The event was so special and meaningful that our son Stephan suggested we do this every year!
One grandson asked to stay overnight. So Monday we enjoyed a special breakfast, if you like mice deviled eggs!

Breakfast mice, tails and all!
In the evening we returned Elijah to his family at the Monday meal, after a great day doing many things with and for Grandpa and Grandma.
Stephan put together another wonderful meal from some of the left over food from the Open House: bruschetta, ceviche, lox, fruit soup.

 Before dinner, in the other room--the SIL hair salon.

Tuesday morning Mike said, "Wanna ride to breakfast." "Okay."

Notice who took the shadow photo this time. We stopped to admire the wheat fields 'white unto harvest'.

Wednesday we had two important meetings, one in Marion and one in Indianapolis. After that we were hungry and tried a new eatery. Can you guess?

We decided next time to order only one hamburger and one order of fries. Great food!

Thursday morning, a repeat of Tuesday, "Wanna ride to breakfast?"

The corn is already waist high!

Friday noon we were invited to attend the 2nd annual “Our Small Towns-Thinking Regionally” conference to hear Stephan speak. He had set up an ice sculpture. We thoroughly enjoyed all the speakers we met and heard and especially our son's presentation!

Saturday I attended another community event, Think Outside the Barn, at Victory Acres with an interesting array of  very creative vendors, artists, craftsmen/women, workshops, and tours.

I went to one of the workshops and learned how to make a delicious smoothie using greens, like the ones I pick up every week as part of our membership.

Then, I gathered the goodies I purchased and my allotment of produce and went home to prepare for special overnight guests.


Sharon Gee said...

I had been thinking of you not long ago--wondering if you had moved into your new house (I don't get time to read your blog very much).
I spent the last 10 days of May in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin, taking my mother's ashes to Sycamore, IL, and having a service there, then visiting relatives in Wisconsin and Chicago.
Now I am back at work (geriatric NP) and digging in to the editing of the lectures "Essence of the Bible" to make a book. God bless you all, Sharon Gee

Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

I love Five Guys... I haven't been to one in years... Mike would often call it "Cinco Muchachos" :-)

I love that you are always finding and going to local craft fairs and such. I miss that from the east coast. I wish I could find some here in Las Vegas. I am going to have to do some searching and see if anything comes up for Vegas.

So glad the Open House went well and was such a blessing to you guys. In my church in Ocala, FL there was a couple that would do an open house around Thanksgiving time and I always thought that was a cool idea. Maybe one day I will start an open house tradition.

Love, Lizzie

PS I'm so happy Grandma could make it out to your open house too! That is wonderful!

Kim said...

Sounds like a wonderful Open House! Will go look at the rest of the photos next. Glad mom was able to make it (guessing she came with A&S).

I remember a little ditty: "Knee high by the 4th of July" and here the corn is waist high and it's only mid June. Wow!

Can you share the smoothie recipe? I keep hearing about them on blogs.

Have a great week!

Lhoyt said...

Mother was ecstatic about the open house. She loved your new home, and was telling me how much she enjoyed the whole affair. Wish I could have been there.
Lizzie's Mike loved "Cinco Muchachos" as he used to call it. And the main feature of the meals there is "big".

The Bug said...

Looks like a great week. I think my favorite part is the rides to breakfast :)


Love the week in photos. I loved every single one of them. Would have loved to have been at the Open House.