Saturday, June 23, 2012

Treasures of Life--Friends and Family

Who would have thought that a little blog would lead to such dear people?
Or, who ever knows what For better or for worse will lead to?

Surely you guessed last week that our special overnight guests were Steve, Sara, and Jared Bowyer!

Jared savoring e.v.e.r.y bite of Ivanhoe's shake!
Jared probably enjoyed this mint chocolate chip shake all the way to Anderson University, 40 minutes away!

Shortly after they left the grandchildren arrived. They are the happy part of For better or for worse.
We took them to the county fair.
Elijah fell in love with a particular rabbit, trying to work out how much he would pay for it.

Zion had eyes only for trucks, tractors, golf carts, motorcycles, i.e. anything with wheels! One lady took pity on him and let him drive! (I wonder if he will be a race car driver???)

Monday, the weary boys slept late.

Once Zion was up there was no more quiet. He is so pleased to hear himself talk now that there is no stopping him.

 I heard Hey, Grandma at least 200 times, if not 1,000!

The boys had a blast running through the water spray.

Not fun at all was getting lost in the woods and having to walk a long way back after coming out on the other side of the block. The best picture of the day would have been Malachi and Elijah looking like hobos, shirts off, big thick walking sticks, red-faced, scratched, hot, hurting, but very glad to be back.

Tuesday early morning was one of the "for worse" moments for Mike when he had to help me and clean up after me. No photos necessary.
Glad to say that as of today my digestive system is back to normal.

Wednesday we welcomed our friends back--Jared from three days for high schoolers who aspire to become music educators. He was still wearing the uniform and smiling though tired. I think he really does want to teach music!

We all wanted to play games on our last evening together. However, Nertz may not have been the wisest choice against such a competitive family.

After losing hopelessly to champ Steve, we switched to Golf, and I won!

Thursday we waved goodby knowing that there will be many more opportunities, at least four year's worth of Bowyer visits to Indiana.

Friday I went again to the Farmer's Market, mostly to support our small town effort. Don't need so much produce with the weekly half-share from Victory Acres, and more from Stephan's garden, but the peaches are great. And I had an interesting conversation with one of the vendors there, a very artistic, creative mother of four boys!

BTW, tomorrow afternoon there will be a "Koch Baby #4 Gender Reveal"‏ party here, when Sam and Kristie will let us in on their secret.

Today, Saturday, my greatest accomplishment was a post about the Open House

We just returned from an evening of dance performances. We went to support the other Kochs' three lovely dancers.

And now it's time to say Good Night!
(I can't believe it--two posts in one day!)



How exciting to spend time with Sara and her family. It looked as if you had an amazing and busy week. I love cards...and am competitive as well. Have a great week.

sara said...

I am so thankful that blogging brought us together!!! I enjoy every minute I get to spend with you and Mike!!

I have to say that picture playing Nertz, Steve looks very intent on figuring out what cards he is going to play! ha!

You had a VERY busy week!!!

Kim said...

I'm hoping to get in on at least one of those Bower visits one of these furloughs :)

Had to giggle at Zion's description of hearing himself talk :) Reminds me of Jon at that age! hahaha

I keep reading about Farmer's Markets, on blogs, on facebook... and wishing there was something like that here. Maybe in smaller towns there is, but nothing like that here in VCP.

Have a great week!

The Bug said...

Looks like another lovely busy week. Sorry for your "issues" - but glad that you're better.

I'm gonna see that sculpture in person one of these days!

LuAnn said...

Waht a fun time with Sara and her family.

We are headed to Dallas in October and stopping in Little Rock for a quick visit.

Philip went to Country USA in Oshkosh.