Sunday, July 14, 2013

2013 Week 28: RAIN and more

Sunday was a very busy day: a grand celebration at church with a carry-in meal where I helped to keep the food tables in order and well supplied. In the evening we had the families who have visiting Basque girls over for food, fun and fellowship.

Who's winning?

Monday Night Meal at Stephan and Karen's is always the highlight of the day.
The house looks different every time: cupboards, walls and outside repainted, among other changes.

Tuesday I woke up to the fact that it was 9 de julio, Argentina's Independence Day, as well as Leah's adopted birthday.
Her baby picture and note that I posted on Facebook got many likes and comments.
In the afternoon she and I went out and had a little celebration and fun time together.

Wednesday I managed to get a photo of the evening primrose or moonbeams in time before the heavy storm which hit in the afternoon and even knocked down corn fields. I planted the seeds last year and was totally surprised this year with their unexpected growth. Then I wondered whether I liked them there or not, so tall and partially covering Michael's view from his ceramic studio.

Thursday after all the weekly writing goals had been met, I totally surprised myself by getting back to the T-shirt quilt and actually seeing it come together! Now I must learn about backing and quilting.

Memory quilt using 5K t-shirts and scraps

Friday afternoon we left to pick up a couple girls (Sara, one of the Circle Tour cyclists, and her friend) in Indianapolis and go on to Terre Haute to spend the night and be ready for the RAIN event the next day.
Our car was parked directly under our second floor window and we could see the three bikes. Can you see them?

Saturday was a huge day, Mike's long-awaited bicycle tour across Indiana. A couple friends were interviewed by a reporter who wrote this very good article about the RAIN.

Before the ride, midway, the end!

I drove the PSV (Personal Sag Vehicle) to meet my three riders at prearranged stopping points along the way and/or rescue them if necessary. It was a rather nerve-racking job, believe it or not, but obviously not as physically draining as cycling those distances. Michael hit a wall, as they say, after 120 miles unable to eat or drink (electrolyte imbalance) so couldn't go on. The girls made it to the end--160 miles in 10 hours riding, 13 total!
We've agreed that this should be Michael's last year for such an endurance challenge.
What a loooooooooooong day! 


The Bug said...

Wow - way to go Michael! That's quite a feat even if he didn't make it to the end...

I finished Karen's book the other day & it was such a blessing that I'm sending it to another friend. Thanks for sending it to me!

P.S. Happy birthday Leah!

RaD said...

Wow! That is one long bike ride!
I how you did the pictures at the end.

momma frans said...

WOW!! what a ride! thats really impressive. i'm happy when i can get about 5 miles out of mine. sheesh.
looks like a good week!
sorry i'm getting by so late.

Lhoyt said...

Mike, I admire you for your perseverance. Dehydration is not fun, and I felt for you. Take care of yourself!!!