Sunday, July 21, 2013

2013 Week 29: Heat Wave

Temperatures soared in the 90's this week, more conducive to staying indoors.

That didn't stop Mike on Monday as he joined friends for part of their annual bicycle trip all the way up to Goshen. He only went 72 miles and had no problems this time.

Meanwhile I completed another blog post about our Circle Tour of the Basque Country: on to St. Jean Pied-de-Port.

Tuesday I joined Michael to work at Sam's and spent the day cleaning up the construction debris left on all the floors.

Lookin' good!
The added treat was to get to see the grandkids a few times and then at lunchtime! Baby Jude hasn't been around me very much. I was especially blessed by his many smiles!

Speaking of food...I haven't mentioned that Mike was persuaded to change his food intake following a paleo concept that he heard about from several cyclist friends. In a very short time he lost 10 lbs. which he had been unable to do over months of trying. He prepares the meals now and I benefit doubly--from the food and the time!
For breakfast we have eggs, bacon or some kind of meat, vegetables, and fruit sometimes.

Stuffed tomatoes, eggs, pepper
I've been surprised at all I can accomplish with that extra time. (Of course, I do the clean-up which often takes more time than it used to ;-)  Anyway, I was able to process another leg of the journey: on to Mauleon.

Friday, several family members met at the Blue Gate Theater in Shipshewana to celebrate Mother's upcoming 92nd birthday. We saw Half-Stitched: The Musical and enjoyed it very much.
I drove Mother and her neighbor friend from Grace Village to the theater 50 minutes away (Aunt Margaret to me).
"Aunt Margaret" (what I called her from when we lived next door to them in Argentina when I was four or five) enjoyed the ride more than Mother and commented on the corn fields all along the way, growing so thick and tall.

Niece Tina lives not too far so we stopped to see her new house.

A small sampling of  pics.
Which current guest room is my favorite? Which room will soon be the baby's room?

Kyle took this picture of the four lovely ladies.

Margaret, Rita, Tina, Kathryn
Saturday I packed food and stuffs to make a meal for Sam's family. I had fun cooking with the grandkids' help to find things and do little jobs. While waiting for the meal to be ready, Sam sat down at the computer and began searching for trucks to buy, maybe sell. As a busy dad he has to multitask. Zion is fascinated by trucks, so looks at all the photos online with Daddy keeps him very entertained with a running commentary.

Where did the week go? Go to Momma Frans' for more P365s.


  1. Those kids are too cute! I've been enjoying your Basque series...

    I think I'll be meeting up with Kim & Sara (& you?) on August 31st. Can't wait!

  2. Of course ME!
    At my house.
    Wouldn't miss it!


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