Saturday, July 6, 2013

2013 Week 27: Writing and Riding

Gifted the finished baby hoodie. The fun part of knitting with Fun colors in varigated self-striping yarn is when all the pieces come together and you see the end result.

After church I drove Elijah to Miracle Camp, about 300 miles total. Mike rode his bicycle 122 miles on the same day!

 Every week day I met writing goals--a lot of sitting and staring out the window, always part of the process.
 Also included each day--an hour of exercise and other fun distractions.

It was so good to go back to the Monday Night Meal and see all the friends after a long time away.

Tuesday evening we were invited to our friends who just welcomed back Ana from Basque Country for the second year. We were so entertained roasting marshmallows and enjoying one another that I took no pictures. Oh, and I had a little grandson there too. I'll use an interesting photo I took last year when Mike was giving the Basque visitors a pottery lesson at the Red Barn.

A peek into the Red Barn pottery studio; Ana checking out Josu's progress
She enjoyed the wheel-throwing experience. It may happen again this month.

Zion had fun with grandpa riding the 'fo-wheel'.

They made several trips taking trash up to the road and going around the pasture to pick loads of wild black raspberries.

Later I posted what I had been working on several days about the first leg of our European adventure in Bilbao.

Thursday I spent all day putting together the next post about moving on to the second city, Vitoria.

Sara, one of the cyclists on the Circle Tour,  Ana's American 'sister', came over to ride with Mike. They are training for the RAIN next Saturday--160-mile ride across the state.

Sara here and with Ana's family in Bilbao
We took friend Viola to the fourth annual Mississinewa Valley Band patriotic concert sponsored by our church's Elderberry (over 50) group.

Watching the trombone section reminded me of my Dad. I wonder what kind of music goes on in heaven?

Today I went to the Open Sew day at Sew Biz so that I could finish putting together the T-shirt quilt I started some time ago. No photos yet.

It has been raining off and on all day, even most days this week. Can you see the raindrops on the solar panel above my Basque display?

Hopefully I will be able to blog about the rest of our Circle Tour trip before the month is up.


karen kay perry said...

How I love your musings as they involve your everyday life...thanks Rita. The rain drops on your skylight were so refreshing. No rain in our part of Phoenix yet....

love ya, karen kay

The Bug said...

You always have such busy weeks! I feel positively slothful in comparison (well, maybe not this past week since we went on a trip!).