Saturday, August 3, 2013

2013 Week 31: August already?

Monday was Skye's 16th birthday. We went to visit his other grandma and had a fun time together.
Tomorrow we will have a family celebration.

I think he always liked wearing hats.

As usual Monday evening we went to Stephan and Karen's for their weekly open meal. The food now very much follows the paleo diet concept (except for the freshly-baked bread) and is superb, even including a special dessert--sweet potato pies with almond crust. 
As always happens, the evening is much more than a meal, it is about enjoying the people. The crowd expanded beyond the dining table to the sunny porch. Groups lingered on the way out with the porch people--a pleasent evening for all.

Tuesday I was able to help daughter Leah clean out one of their rooms. They started moving boxes into their new home the next day.

Enjoyed a visit from my lovely granddaughter Wednesday after tap class. She is a great teacher. Class is fun and challenging. 

Kayla just finished teaching a couple two-week classes at Cornerstone Center for the Arts  and will be teaching four different classes during the fall semester.

Look what new blooms showed up this week.

Friday we attended the convention of our church fellowship held in Fort Wayne. The sessions were excellent and meeting up with some of the friends from Illinois who were on the Circle Tour of the Basque Country was very special. It was so good to meet Dave Berry's wife Sue. 

Circle Tour 13 mini reunion
Saturday, today,  we rose very early, picked up Dane, and headed back up to Fort Wayne in time for the men's breakfast.
The women's luncheon was Friday noon. I had taken my laptop to get some work done while the men were at their event.

I posted two favorite photos from the week on Facebook and got many Likes and Comments from all over. Both girls were on the Circle Tour team. 
Ellie, from our town wants to be a cyclist on next year's tour and has been training with Mike.
Chelsea was a rider this year. Notice her earrings. 

Ellie and Chelsea
The cyclists present at the FEC Convention enjoyed a ride together this afternoon and then hung out at a coffee shop. Mike and Dane then rode the 52 miles on home. It was a beautiful day, even got a little sun tan.
Yesterday, on the other hand, was very rainy. We went through heavy downpours on the way home last night.


The Bug said...

Looks like a great week! I went to our diocesan convention last fall & enjoyed it immensely - looking forward to going again this year.

Love those bicycle earrings! Maybe I should get some to wear while I'm riding my little granny bike - ha!

Happy birthday to Skye - he looks great in hats :)

momma frans said...

52 miles!?! I saw a group on the side of the road collecting money today to support cancer research and their bike ride from Austin to Alaska! Crazy!!!
Those earrings are great!

Kim said...

I like those earrings too!

Is that a photo of you and Dave, looking a little like Mutt and Jeff? :)

Another full and productive week for you!

Kim said...

I like those earrings too!

Is that a photo of you and Dave, looking a little like Mutt and Jeff? :)

Another full and productive week for you!

Skoots1moM said...

good shots...
have a great week