Saturday, August 17, 2013

2013 Weeks 32 & 33: Vacation and More

Catching up after a two-week break from routine activities to take a few days away with my one-and-only, and to move the daughter into her new domicile here in town!

Sunday, the 4th, we managed to squeeze in a family time, in between two moves and Stephan's many sand-sculpture travels, to celebrate two birthdays: grandson Skye (16) and DIL Karen.
Actually, on Sunday we focused more on Skye. I had many old photos of him scattered all over our large table. After the party, I saw this happy one placed in the flower centerpiece. 

Monday night dinner at Stephan's, we focused more on Karen, and that was her actual birthday. I dug out a few old photos. This one of before they were married. She was watching her fiance run the Indy mini marathon. Now Karen runs regularly, in fact may be training for a mini herself.

Tuesday Mike and I rode to Cracker Barrel, 7 mile round trip, our first breakfast ride of the season and it is August already! Had to make sure the bike was in order and we could still do this before our annual tandem vacation.

One last summer Red Barn pottery session for Mike on Wednesday. 
Hey, that's Ellie, the young girl who went with us to Basque Country and is training to be one of the cyclists next time around!

Thursday we drove up to northern Michigan, parked the car in Indian River, loaded up the tandem for a four-day camping tour and headed to the first campsite, 20 miles, five of them unexpected gravel roads.
I confess to being scared!
"You'll get used to it," said Captain Mike.
I did. There were many lessons in trust throughout this adventure.

Neighboring campers in Petoskey State Park commented on our 'grand entrance'. No one we saw carries all they need on a bicycle. Also learned lessons on minimalizing (is that a word?).

Friday was our looooooongest ride, 55 miles, necessitating several rest stops on the way.

We stayed two nights in a campsite outside of Mackinaw City.

Saturday we took a ferry to Mackinac Island.

Leaving Mackinaw City

Arriving Mackinac Island
Riding the seven-mile coastal road around the island was a different kind of challenge--crowds of inexperienced riders!

Our view from the second floor Speed 21 Grill gives a glimpse of the crowds stopping to rent bicycles.

For those who may not know, Mackinac does not allow motorized vehicles which makes for a unique tourist experience.

I thought our bike was loaded down.
Horses, the other mode of transport
There is much more to tell about our tourist experience of the island and the same for our tour of Mackinaw City in the afternoon. Another post or two perhaps?

The famous 5-mile bridge we never crossed

The other main character, protected nightly.
Sunday we completed the circle and camped at Burt Lake State Park.

The Last Supper
Monday packing up to ride one mile from the campsite to the parked car.

The biggest lesson for me was to move from 'impending dread' to 'exhilirating expectation' of what lies ahead. I am still on that trust continuum. I should write an article about learning trust while tandeming.

Tuesday, after a good night's sleep in our own bed, we welcomed a young family traveling through. Kristin, was one of the babies on the ship Doulos. We've been friends with her family for over 30 years.
Sam, Kristie and young'uns joined us as well. We ordered Ivanhoes' food and had a delightful visit.

The rest of the afternoon was spent helping Leah make the BIG move from Marion back to Upland--several truck loads and some cleaning of the old place.

Wednesday, Mike took his sister Diane for her long-awaited visit to the State Fair. Kayla went along, one last outing before her busy semester at Ball State.

I stayed back and continued cleaning at Leah's, and again all day Thursday.

This souvenir from Mackinac (Big Turtle) island, only 2 to 3 inches in diameter and very light weight, speaks to me of looking ahead expectantly and always moving forward even if slowly.

Made in Indonesia from some kind of wood.
Friday, son Stephan finished a five-day sand-sculpturing event somewhere in Ohio. I am borrowing from his FB page.

Coral Reef
Today, Saturday, we are looking forward to a reunion of the Circle Tour team at some half-way point between Upland and Normal, IL. (Photos to come later) 


oldfangled said...

Stephan was in Toledo. Yes, I'm training for a half marathon, which will take place in October. Great photos! It looks like your vacation was fun.

The Bug said...

What a cool vacation! I don't think my Mike & I will ever tandem like that (boy I can imagine the marital battles if we tried - ha!). But I'd like to go to Mackinac Island sometime...

sara said...

When I first started reading I thought I read you parked your car IN the Indian River..I was about to come up with a few good comments for Mike! ha!

What a great trip. Again, you guys inspire me!

Can't wait to see you soon!!!

Leah Sower said...

great pictures ma, wow allot happened in just a few weeks two families into two new houses, birthdays School starting. Good Grief ! I am happy that you no longer have to travel so far to see me :) ! thanks for all your help. truly could not have gotten this done by the time we did without you !

momma frans said...

What a fun week! I'm with The Bug, though. I think tandem cycling with my husband would be the antithesis of therapeutic and enjoyable, lol.
Looks like y'all have a great time, though!!!
Have a great week!