Sunday, August 25, 2013

2013 Week 34: Art, and Crisis

 Last week I promised photos of our Circle Tour reunion. This is the only one that was somewhat okay.
That seems to be the pattern of the week, very few good pictures. I've managed to scrape together some representative images to tell the story of Week 34.

Sunday was a busy day but Skye and I managed to squeeze in a shopping trip for more school clothes in the afternoon. He had some designated money to spend.

Another tandem breakfast ride Monday morning. We tried a new destination, Hardee's and rode some 11 miles.

Mike decorated his bicycle with the Basque sheep decal teammate Keith gave us Saturday.
I completed another blog post about our travels in Basque Country.

Tuesday I spent five hours at Sew Biz on their Open Sew day working on Karen's T-shirt quilt. I get so much more done with ample work space, available tools, and absolute focus.

Afterwards I went to the new Marion General Hospital building in the next block to find the sculpture Mike sold them and to see where and how it is displayed. It was after hours so I couldn't enter certain areas. However, I did see a painting by the teacher I took a few lessons from, Margaret Gugel.

Speaking of art, Thursday evening we had an Open House for our friend Stefan Eicher visiting from India. He lives in New Delhi with his wife and three young children. They manage Reflection Art Gallery & Studio and run programs that reach all levels of society. He is the executive director of the Art for Change Foundation.
I realized as the last guest was leaving that I had not taken any pictures and quickly tried to remedy the situation. Friend Rosie is representative of all who came to hear Stefan's fascinating journey as an artist.

The photo was of such poor quality that I added a Light Trails effect. Hmmmm...

Ah! But here you have some professional art. I took the liberty to scan a couple of Stefan's art post cards. (I hope that is allowed.)

The artists visited a tuberculosis center to interact with the patients and paint portraits of the disease.

"According to WHO [World Health Organization] estimates, India has the world's largest tuberculosis epidemic." 

An ancient photo from the family archives was brought to my attention for possible repair. The siblings are looking angry, starved, I don't know...just crazy.

They DO love each other and were deeply concerned for our youngest, Sam, who became very ill Thursday--severe headache and vomiting, could not keep anything down. ER visit Friday and CT scan showed some swelling on the brain.

Saturday I went to offer help wherever needed. Mid afternoon Sam seemed stable, Kristie took the boys to their annual dental checkup. I left for home. Then Sam sent out a Facebook message--could someone take him to emergency ASAP!
I went back to their house immediately and stayed with the boys so Kristie could be with Sam. The doctor was very energetic and thorough, explained much, prescribed stronger meds, and sent him home to see his regular doctor Monday. No answers yet. We wait and pray.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed the grandsons: Malachi and I prepared dinner together. Zion and I walked in the woods. Elijah and I played a game and read a book. And this is how the little one greeted me after his nap, so happy and giggly.

However, bedtime later without Mama was a totally different screaming scenario! But, he fell asleep anyway.


Leah Sower said...

That picture was one of my favorite ever pics of me and my brothers, It was Thanksgiving. and I do believe when I track down all of my flash thingy's I will have this and quite possible I have one of the originals unless you got that from my house. Was awesome seeing Stefan. and continued prayer for Sam

Mike K said...

Whose kids did you say they were?

rita said...

Ha, ha!
That copy was on Steph and Karen's fridge for so long it was coated with grease. I need to look for the original.
On the back it says Mother's Day '99!

The Bug said...

That's a great picture of the kids. My brother would not have let me anywhere near him with a knife!

Prayers for Sam - & I hope this next week is better! Are you still up for me coming by next Saturday?

sara said...

Praying for your son!