Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014 Week 2: Slow Progress

As it turned out county schools cancelled classes all week.
The robotics team called off their very first day of build-season. Senior mentor Mike's brain did not take a break, however, even waking him up at 4:00 a.m. a couple times to continue working on drawings and solving problems.

Looks like some of the students had fun building a non-robotic structure.

I started the first days home dressing like an eskimo and fighting a sore throat and cold.

By Thursday the temperatures had risen into the 30s and I felt up to a walk in the foot-deep snow.

The picnic area out back

Meanwhile, we followed Kristie's daily updates regarding Sam's condition:
--great weakness. Slowly able to stand, began walking around the unit up to three times a day.
--uncertainty. Was it meningitis? Definitely staph infection. Anything else? Why is the incision leaking? Is the cranial fluid flowing as it should?
--setbacks. May need surgery to open up and clean out the infection. May have to insert a shunt.
--some progress. Less pain. Increased appetite.
Still waiting in hope...

 I was comforted to see Sam's smile in the selfies Kristie took on their walks together, but couldn't look at them without tearing up as I thought of our son's prolonged confinement.

The milder weather and clearer roads, allowed me to get out a couple times and run brief errands. I stopped in to visit Leah, also suffering from cabin fever and loneliness. Her charges--son Skye, three dogs, and the little guy she babysits--keep her somewhat entertained.

Saturday's progress on the robot was significant. A long day of team work, each one doing their part, got them further ahead than in years past at this point, in spite of a day off! (I wonder if they will be able to avoid the usual push and the all-nighters at the end of the six weeks?)
I confess that most of the photos this week are not mine, but rather stolen  borrowed from Facebook.

Today, Sunday's pictures, are my favorites! The boys got to see their Daddy after nine days. I can't tell who is happiest.

I hope to be able to tell you next week that Sam has been released and is home, out of danger, and getting stronger.


sara said...

oh my word those last pictures speak volumes! Those smiles are beautiful...on every one!!! Still praying for Sam and his recovery!

Jared is coming back tomorrow. Weather reports show snow coming in on Tuesday so we are sending him off a day early.

The Bug said...

What a crazy week that was! And as I already know this week has been much better :)