Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 Week 1: Waiting in Hope

Sunday, the last one of 2013, we heard a sermon about looking back, choosing memorable moments of God's grace and constructing memorials or stones of remembrance to always remind us of what God did
My first thought was to write the story of our different Christmas and how God spared our son Sam's life.
I also recognized the same motivation behind my commitment to this weekly photo-journal--to record and not forget how the LORD is leading and working in our daily lives.

Monday I hung the last ornament, a gift from my young friend at Serenity House. It was misplaced for a few days.
Many, if not most, had taken down their decorations by then, but we hadn't had our family Christmas yet.

Tuesday, New Year's Eve.
With Michael involved in the Delaware County robotics team, we join in the downtown Muncie New Year's activities which include the ball drop, built and modified each year by the team.

Daughter Leah has great fun dressing up for the occasion. Can you see the crane and ball in readiness for the exact moment? While you wait buy popcorn and hot chocolate from the Team 1720 PhyXTGears' tent.

. . . 3-2-1- Happy New Year!

New Year's Day 2014 we celebrated Christmas 2013 as a family--meal, gifts, fun.

Christmas Dinner
Our fellowship was all the more precious and sweet because Sam was with us, though tired and weak yet.

We attempted a reenactment of a favorite Christmas photo of the three older grand-kids when they were little probably about the age and size of the three younger ones now. Not the same stair-step effect anymore.

Thursday (or was it Friday?), Mike borrowed my camera and went out in the cold to get this view of the carved tree.

On one of those days I took down all the ornaments off the Christmas tree and they are still on the table waiting to be packed away. Anyone else out there a 'hopeless case' like me? Please don't send the Christmas-decor police around!

Saturday was the start of the build season for the robotics team and hence a big commitment for Mentor Mike. 
The simulcast Kick-Off takes place on the first Saturday of January. This year's game is called Aerial Assist.

After Mike left, I had an SOS call from Kristie: Sam was in trouble again--headache, vomiting, in serious pain. I left ASAP and ended up spending three days with the grand boys, only three the first day. 

Fun times interspersed with tears and meds, all fighting flu symptoms and missing Mom.

Malachi had spent a weekend away with good friend Ben and his great family. In spite of the condition of the roads, they drove him back Sunday afternoon.
The expected snowfall and frigid temperatures continued. The big boys moved their mattresses to the warmer area, the living room.

Winter Camping
Meanwhile, Sam had been transported to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis again where he had the third ct scan in three days and many other tests. The diagnosis: meningitis.
He has lost much weight, is weak but gaining strength daily. Blood count has normalized. Still waiting for some test results to know how to deal with the post op bacterial infections.

Monday late afternoon Kristie braved the dangerous driving conditions to get home to her boys. We are grateful she made it safely.
Mike picked me up from their place and I am taking it easy at home, enjoying the views.
Sam encouraged Kristie to stay home a day or two.

Friends of Sam and Kristie and our family have been overwhelmingly supportive. A website was launched for updates and fundraising: Walking in Victory and Hope. I get emotional every time I look at the response.


The Bug said...

I'm so glad your family has so much support!

Love the grandkids picture - they look like they were having a good time.

Oh, & I plan to leave our tree up until the time changes (or Candlemas anyway). Ha!

Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

Times like these sure do add a greater appreciation for each new day God gives us.

I've also felt an even stronger assurance that God is in control. We may not understand why God calls some home earlier than others but I rest in the knowledge that God is in control and He has a bigger plan.

To God be the Glory!

oldfangled said...

Great photos, as usual.