Saturday, February 15, 2014

2014 Week 7: Snowy St. Valentine's Week

Snow off and on all week, temperatures from -8 to close to 40 degrees and beautiful sunshine in the mix.

We like to watch the mourning doves out of the kitchen window. How many do you see?

Remember the snow maze mentioned in last week's post? The boys'effort made the local newspaper!

 Thursday after I'd met the weekly writing commitment for our church community, my SIL Diane called. She wanted to get out! So we went out for coffee and hot chocolate.

It was a big day for our family as we were finally allowed to tell the world our big news: Matt and Kayla are expecting a baby in August! That will make us great grandparents! ¡Bisabuelos!  

That news about "little Kernel" on the way had the most Likes and Comments on Facebook.
The second in popularity was this candid wedding photo I posted. We look so very young! I love seeing Daddy so alive and happy here, and lovely cousin Rosie.

I stopped by Leah's to drop off my valentines. The first annual Valentine Tree was displayed outdoors on Friday.

Friday noon my Writers' Bloc friends critiqued the piece I wrote "12 Barrels: A Love Story." So fitting for Valentine's Day! I am so grateful for their expert advice, and so glad I did not publish it here, yet!

Mike and I went to the Taylor Valentine dinner and music program--a delightful date. The theme was "Lost in the 50's." Michael was feeling very nostalgic as he recognized most of the music and even remembered the lyrics.  He wondered how that was possible when it's hard to recall what happened yesterday.

This morning, Saturday, he left very early for the practice scrimmage. Several teams take their robots to one playing field and practice this year's game--Aerial Assist.

The six-week intense build-season will be over Tuesday! Mike is grateful that this year they were ahead of schedule compared to other years. It seems they will not have to pull any all-nighters. And they have been able to practice-drive the robot for a week already.


oldfangled said...

I love how Leah & Skye are getting so involved in their neighborhood with such good stuff!

Kimberly Hoyt said...

Sounds like a lovely week! Always something happening somewhere in the extended Koch family :)
You're getting an abundance of snow this year, and we're getting an abundance of rain. We have never seen the lake as high as it is now, and Ivan heard they'd opened the dam.
Your photos of the pretty snow are lovelier than anything I could take right now -- just lots of puddles and mud! haha

The Bug said...

I love...
the snow pictures
the Valentine's tree
the Kernel
and the lovely young you (& Mike too!)...

Lhoyt said...

It is so wonderful to see a) A large group of individuals. b)Each with his-her own talent. c)Cooperating to produce a variegated number of projects which d)all contribute to the good of the family and/or community. God bless you all!!