Sunday, February 23, 2014

2014 Week 8

Only one fourth of the photos this week are mine. Thank you, whoever you are, for the use of yours to enhance the retelling of this week.

Sunday afternoon we went to see Saving Mr. Banks, the story of the making of Mary Poppins--a great movie and good to have time together as Mike would be gone most of the week.

Monday, exactly as forecast, the snow and ice mix started mid afternoon. Schools dismissed early. Michael spent most of the day with Team 1720 PhyXTGears to repair or improve their robot after discovering issues that needed help at the Scrimmagethe Saturday game practice opportunity with other teams in Kokomo.
(Watch the video for an idea of this year's Aerial Assist game.)

Road conditions worsened and it took him twice as long to drive home. He had to turn around a couple times and find another way around drifts or stuck vehicles.

Delays on Tuesday turned into school cancellations due to ice or drifting. By afternoon the big melt began.

It was the last day to wrap up and pack the robot. Hmmm . . . come to think of it I don't know its name.

The very next day, Wednesday, Mike left on the Lightrider golf trip with a group of 20 guys.

They changed the dates this year so he could join them after robot build season. Turns out that if they hadn't, the annual Myrtle Beach trip would have been cancelled due to serious snow down South.

Leah's Valentine tree made the front page of the local paper on Thursday.

Zion wanted to spend time with grandma and was here overnight. He insisted, so I figured out on my own how to use an X Box and we played a Kinnect game! I amazed myself, ha!
I never got a picture of the cute little guy, hard to believe. Or not! He kept me busy the whole time!
We went to the store and in his loud voice he explained to all that Grandma needed cat food and the cat's name was Brutus. He has become quite a talker!

Friday we remembered Daddy's passing a year ago. I posted on Facebook a photo of him so young, alive and fun loving, imagining what he looks like now.

I invited Stephan and Karen for dinner, then realized how out of practice I have become since Mike took over most of the cooking last year. No worries, Chef-son said it was good.

Stephan left today, Saturday, for Ice Alaska, World Art Championship 2014! This year he is teaming up with Aaron Costic, the captain, in the Single Block three-day event. Monday - Wednesday you can go to the website and watch them at work.

Here are last weekend's sculptures. A couple of apprenticing friends helped with the Fire & Ice sculpture in Culver, IN.

So, we have much to look forward to this last week in February.


The Bug said...

I love the valentine tree - what a great idea! I wonder if our charity committee at work could take this idea & do something with it (pay $1 to put a wish on the tree - with the money going to our February charity).

Stephen & Karen are so cute :)

Love that Zion took charge & "let" you keep him overnight!

Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

Sounds like a fun filled week! I have been dog sitting and now I think I may have strep throat so I am going to the doctors this morning.
Have a GREAT week!