Sunday, February 9, 2014

2014 Week 6: Snow Days and Birthdays

The snow, ice, cold temperatures, or all of the above, have given me a good reason to stay indoors. I left the house only twice.
Try as we may we haven't been able to celebrate birthdays in the usual all-family way. As a result I accomplished more in the way of cleaning and writing.

On the other hand, Mike trudged into Muncie as usual during robot build-season. This is one of the photos Team 1720 posted this week. Looks like Mentor Mike was not wearing the team shirt.

Monday we had hoped to celebrate two birthdays at Stephan's regular weekly meal, but Leah couldn't be there.
Elijah got his wish, however, montecristos and ice cream cake.
I sat at the small red table with the little ones. After they'd had enough to eat they began to bang their plates with their forks.

Tuesday was Leah's birthday. She liked the soft fuzzy woolen hat and gloves I made her.

Wednesday was a snow day. This squirrel jumped down and slammed into our bedroom window.

Perhaps it wanted me to look out at the beautiful view.

The smudges in the lower left are from the cat. It also knows where we sleep and how to wake us up.

We did have another Sam-scare that day. His incision was still leaking and they became concerned due to the color of the fluid. To be safe they were told to go back to the hospital in Indy. Thank God it was only a false alarm. I was prepared to babysit if needed, but big brother Malachi was home as school was cancelled for the day.

Thursday I began to write the story of our courtship, "Twelve Barrels: A Love Story." It has required a lot more digging to accurately record some long forgotten yet important details. I am so grateful that the album with our love letters was preserved even through the house fire!

I know I promised a post about the 12 barrels, but I am still working on that piece, and having second thoughts about publishing it on the blog.

Friday afternoon I headed to Sam and Kristie's to stay with the boys so that Mom and Dad could take off for a well-deserved getaway.

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset as we were eating supper.

Saturday was the changing of the guard. The other grandma arrived in the afternoon and I drove home.

Daughter Leah was raving about the snow maze 'her boys' (Skye and his friends) had created in the field behind their house. I gathered the photos she'd been posting on Facebook for this collage. Only an aerial view could do justice to the energetic project of these teenagers.

After Mike got home from a long day with the robotics team, we went over to witness the 'opening night.'
Close to a dozen kids had played a few rounds of capture the flag. Leah had a fire going. By 10:00 PM the fun was winding down. We were thrilled to catch a glimpse of what had been--young people enjoying wholesome outdoor activity even in the cold!

Not all present were willing to be in the picture. I hear, however, that they want to do this again.
Leah, the proud mama in the pink, is already working hard on yet another very creative activity. The Christmas tree, kept alive as long as possible, is being transformed into a Valentine Tree. She is inviting people to stop by and fill out decorated hearts with messages to friends and loved ones which are then attached securely to the tree which will go outdoors on the 14th. On that day there will be sharpies and hearts available for those who stop by. And, who knows, you may find a valentine addressed to you!
I picked up a few hearts to fill out.

It snowed again last night. Michael plowed the driveway this morning as usual before we went to church. The side piles are growing.

We are determined to enjoy and make the most of this real winter while it lasts.


Kimberly Hoyt said...

Quite content to just look at your pretty photos of winter :) It looks COLD!

If you decide not to post "Twelve Barrels" on the blog, what might you do with it? I do hope you'll let me read it :)

Stay warm and stay safe!

oldfangled said...

I'm so happy Skye & his friends had a fun time in the snow. THAT is how to spend a winter like this -- getting out and enjoying it as much as possible.

The Bug said...

I want to read the story too! (But only if you're comfortable sharing it).

Love that picture of Leah - so pretty.

Oh snow. Sigh.