Monday, March 10, 2014

2014 Week 10

Sunday, we never got the 6 to 10 inches of snow that had been forecast. However, enough that we stayed home and watched the service live online mostly because Michael didn't feel up to it. I'm happy to report that he is much better. In fact on Friday he went out for the first bicycle ride of the season--20 miles!

Monday, we were at Stephan and Karen's again, and so was Chef, back from Alaska! We enjoyed the little ones present. Hard to believe that baby Arya at nearly three months does not weigh as much as our boys when they were born!

Tuesday I spent considerable time rewriting our love story. Interestingly, on Facebook I had a flood of congratulatory notes after someone discovered and shared a photo I posted January 31, 2010, on our 40th anniversary. The last person wrote, in Spanish, ". . . cuenten la clave de tanto aguante!" (Tell us the secret of such endurance.)

Wednesday, while Mike was at one of his doctor's appointments, I went to the lunch for seniors and enjoyed a powerful presentation by Dr. Wes Rediger. I enjoyed our conversation, especially learning about what his son (a former student of mine) and family are doing.
You can watch the same talk given to the Indiana Senate last November: The Re-united States of America.

Thursday, Words With Friends sent me an email, my stats for the previous year. Fun, though nothing to brag about.

Friday, I took my young friend Trisha to several sessions of the film festival Envision, at Taylor University.
She was star struck (hence the effects I chose to enhance her photo!) because she actually got to shake hands with Jason Burkey, a 2007 TU grad, lead actor in October Baby and several other films.

In his spare time Mike has been back in his studio putting the finishing touches to his current sculpture.
One morning I caught the sun highlighting the golden tresses of the lovely harpist, his first creation.

This weekend Stephan and Mike spent an entire afternoon on a maquette of what they will be carving out of ice in Yellowknife, NWT, Canada later this month.

Leah had a lot of fun this week painting three old guords.

In my spare moments I enjoy creating with fabric scraps. No photos just yet.

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The Bug said...

SUCH a talented family! I love "Dancing Lessons" - that will be a lovely sculpture.