Sunday, March 30, 2014

2014 Week 13

It happened again! Three times it snowed or flurried this week, but did not linger long.

Leah endured a two-hour procedure but felt it was all worth it for the new smile!
I teased her about the 'pacifier.' Thanks to these impressions, she will get the permanent teeth in a couple weeks.

Four grandsons spent the night and found ways to entertain themselves. The little man climbed the staircase over and over and over and was so quick that most photos were blurry.
Where's the older brother? Probably cleaning up after the others, always so helpful.

A widowed friend that I don't see too often showed me a favorite spot by the river. Only a few miles from here, such beautiful rolling terrain. The sun was setting. A lone Canadian goose stood motionless.

I visited a few local businesses to drop off flyers about the upcoming poetry and arts festival as I've been recruited to help on the organizing committee. My young friend was on shift at Subway so I tried the new 'flatizza.'

I always have a few creative projects to work on in spare moments. This week I finished one of them, another baby hoodie.

Mike has been helping son-Stephan at the third annual ice carving competition in Yellowknife, NWT. It was a beautiful design, but risky. On the last day, twenty minutes before the end of the twenty eight hours, they removed the last temporary support, and . . . Oh, no! . . . one of the cranes collapsed. Even so they placed fourth.

Yesterday was a 'Diane-day.' SIL wanted to go to Fort Wayne so we went to the big mall. Our main destination was Barnes and Noble. She loves bookstores.
We had a mix of rain and snow the way there. Gratefully, an easier drive on the way back.

Today I decided to change my cover photo. This is what I see now, a bit drab, except when the sun is out. Soon we will have spring flowers!

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The Bug said...

Wow - the ice sculpture is lovely! So much talent in this family...

Love the little dude in overalls - so cute!

Here's hoping that we are DONE with snow!