Saturday, April 5, 2014

2014 Week 14: April Showers & Flowers

The first two pictures are stolen borrowed.
I love this photo of Sam and Kristie on their spring break getaway with the family--a selfie while hiking.

 I saved the photos that featured father and son at work from the link to a blog post shared with me today titled "Inspired Ice."

Mike and Stephan traveled through the night Sunday and arrived mid-afternoon Monday after four flights and a three hour drive.

I visited Leah at noon. Her stressful spring break was over and the babysitting routine started up again.

Baby B

 Sam is traveling for his new job so I enjoyed hanging out with the boys while Kristie was at work.
 We walked, played, worked on homework outdoors until it started to sprinkle.

The rain intensified the next day. This is the flooding I saw by Leah's on Thursday, mostly her neighbors' back yard.

Leah modeled the gifts Stephan brought her from Yellowknife, NWT, Canada.

Can you tell what this is or how it works?

Friday we visited the senior art show of a young woman in our church family whose major is illustration.
The ten or so pieces are to illustrate a children's story that her father wrote. She is standing by her favorite. That one was interesting to us too, hmmmm. . .

We hurried back home so Mike could be on time for the usual pottery session with the kids.
However, a fairly large tree had fallen across our driveway, so we turned around and went straight to the Red Barn. Only one kid showed up and for a short while. Fridays tend to be that way, especially when the weather allows them to play outside.

I noticed a slight change of expression on the face Mike is working on, do you? (Go here for previous photos.)

Today, Saturday, Mike entered another sculpture, a bronze casting, in the spring art exhibit at the Marion Public Library.

I was hoping to show spring flowers this week, and here they are! Glimpses of yellow--a promise of more to come!

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The Bug said...

Whoa - what a lot of water! Love Leah's new hat - and that coozie is the bomb! I need one like that :) The lady doesn't look so dour now does she? So happy spring has arrived there!