Sunday, April 13, 2014

2014 Week 15: Many Forms of Beauty

The week was a mixture of fun times with the grand kids, a visit from my brother Ivan, enjoyment of nature and art, and necessary medical procedures. However, most of those events remain un-photographed.

Two afternoons were spent with the young'uns. The first thing Jude says is, "Walk! Outside!" and continues insistently until he gets what he wants! As we walk he repeats, "Trees." Though the terrain is rough for such a small little guy, he keeps going and does not want to turn back--our young explorer.

The brothers have fun together, most of the time.

Zion wanted to go to Grandma's, then I realized I'd be coming back the next day anyway so why not? He packed his bag quickly and we were off.

Before sundown we managed to go for a walk in the woods. I have photos of all the older grandchildren on similar adventures when they were about his age. Such fond memories.

We discovered the first blooms of spring. The biggest surprise was the first ever blossom on a perennial I planted  a few years ago--on lower right (can't remember the name?).

Zion's favorite bedtime read is one of the Curious George books. Next morning he had fun and work with grandpa riding the four-wheeler up and down our road picking up all the trash thrown out of cars.
At noon we took him to the lunch for seniors at the Lion's Club where he was the center of attention.

Back at their home Wednesday afternoon, first the obligatory walk with the little one who can now say, "Gammaw."

The week culminated with the fourth annual Barton Rees Pogue Poetry and Arts festival. This year I helped out on the planning committee.
Friday evening Indiana's poet laureate, George Kalamaras, had a very entertaining talk at the Gray Barn.
Saturday's events were spread out between three Upland locations. Local artists exhibited their choice works, Michael was one of them. Poetry lovers gathered for contests, readings and a workshop.

There were three Koch women represented in the original poetry session. DIL Karen's humorous poem about the show "Family Ties" brought laughter. "She nailed it!" they said. Daughter Leah's gritty poetry earned her a third place award! Mine was well received but did not win anything.
However, in the next session, I won a second for interpretive reading.

These are samples of the Youth art in the sculpture and ceramics section by two young girls we know. Emily's dragons won last year.
I love the detail and colors in Ellie's ceramic tiles.

I have no more photos and the weekend is fading fast. So, good night to all.

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The Bug said...

I wish I could take a walk in your woods! I guess I'll just make do with a bike ride around my neighborhood :)

Love the flowers & the ceramics - lovely!