Monday, April 28, 2014

2014 Week 17: Big Announcement

I like this photo from Easter Sunday, I spied Matt and Kayla out on the deck, each quietly doing their own thing. We've found out that Matt is a very good photographer.

They were not so quiet on Monday, however, after they saw many ultrasound photos of their baby!!!

Sharing the news with grandpa                                                              Sharing with the world on Facebook!

The news blew up on Facebook. I posted the photo on the left and it got some 150 Likes!
Now we wait till August to meet our great granddaughter!

Mike is back into the once-a-week Tuesday evening robotics routine. Several times I've looked out the kitchen window in the evenings to see four or five deer grazing on the new grass growth.

Wednesday evening we enjoyed hearing stories from a young friend who's been living in South East Asia.

Thursday evening we attended a concert at Anderson University to support another young friend.

Friday I got to spend hours of fun with my youngest grandsons.

"It's raining"                                                                                "Yeah, the sun is out!"
We spotted some new flowers.

Saturday, while Michael was out on his bicycle attempting to reach 100 miles, his little sister Diane and I spent the day together. First, coffee at McD's, then a long time browsing in the Unorganized Bookstore. She loves bookstores!

I spent a couple hours working in the garden and planted three new starts.
I discovered so many lovely clusters of violets.

Sunday, some friends from Monday night meals spent the afternoon with us so Nanxin could experience Ivanhoe's atmosphere and food, and see our home before she returns to China. We taught her to play Hand & Foot, and she won!

As it seems this weekly post is not complete without an expression of art, here is the piece Nanxin chose from Mike's Klaytivity display.
Another week has flown by and I'm late again.


Kimberly Hoyt said...

Love all the signs of Spring! I'm sure you do too :)

Exciting news from Kayla!

Why is it we've never played Hand & Foot with y'all? (Or have we, and I've forgotten about it?) It's one of our favorite games.

sara said...

so fun! can't wait to meet your new great granddaughter through your pictures!

Thank you so much for supporting Jared!! It makes my heart happy knowing he has y'all there!

...feeling the need to sit at your table for awhile!

The Bug said...

Jared! So happy for Kayla & her guy - and you too :)

I've really enjoyed seeing the violets on my walks lately.