Monday, May 5, 2014

2014 Week 18: 3 State 3 Mountain Challenge

Here are some of the special extras added to our daily routines.

Last Sunday ended with another cookout/open house at Pastor Dan's, always a special time of interaction with college students, friends, and their children.

Monday evening at the annual shareholders dinner we were blessed to be seated at a table next to the evening entertainment--heavenly harp music.

The daffodils are gone, but there are ever new signs of spring.

Wednesday after ladies Bible study, I stopped at the hospital to visit this dear lady on my way to babysit the youngest grandsons.

Isn't she a dear?

And here are the two littlest dears enjoying a walk to the "park". Zion calls the pile of logs on the edge of their property a playground or park.

Later we went to soccer practice. This is Z's first year.

Thursday evening I joined a circle of women to help sew on the twenty butterflies on the banner that will grace the Wheeler-Thanhauser Orchid Collection and Species Bank  on the campus of Ball State University.

Mom Shirley, second from right, painted each variety five-times their size. Daughter Cheryl, far left, is the curator of the orchid collection and the visionary behind the new enhanced display and educational program.
I hope to visit soon and show you the completed and installed banner.

Friday we traveled to Tennessee for Mike and our young friend Sara to participate in the 3 State 3 Mountain Challenge along with 600 other cyclists who braved the 100 mile option, including George Hincapie who came in second, in 5 hours 11 minutes.

We stayed with wonderful hosts, my cousin Karin and husband Jack, in Dayton. I spent a delightful day visiting with Karin and her brother Ed and family who live nearby. He and I are the closest in age, born the same year. Each one of them are amazing individuals: Jack, a retired history professor is now a train conductor, soon-to-be engineer; Karin, a retired administrative assistant with the longest employment record at Bryan University; Ed, a retired university president.

Jack and Karin                                                     Ed and Karin
We followed Sara's Facebook updates throughout the day, Saturday, from the top of each mountain: Raccoon, Sand, and the most challenging--Lookout Mountain--last! Shortly after that one, at mile 88, Mike 'hit the wall' as they say, and could not go on.

Sara Hemmick
Bib Number
Age Group
Chip Time
Gun Time

Both cyclists are definitely ready to ride the mountains of the Basque Country. Circle Tour 2014 is coming up in less than six weeks!

We celebrated our last evening as a family with a Karin-prepared feast. 
I love this memory and the expressions on each face, though the photography may not be the best.

Sunday we left very early hoping to be back in time for the Award Ceremony of the Spring Art Show at the Marion Public Library. However, we arrived as they were leaving, just in time to pick up Mike's first place award in the sculpture category. His bronze, titled Youth, is home again!

What will this next week bring?

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The Bug said...

What a busy week for you guys! I'm always amazed at Mike's endurance (& talent!). I hope you'll get a chance to take a picture of the completed butterfly banner!