Sunday, May 11, 2014

2014 Week 19: Mother's Day

So, this is the view from my window as of Week 19.
Did you spot the scarlet tanager?

 I enjoy watching new growth outdoors: an area blanketed with these tiny purple blooms; a lovely white blossom, and more. I wish I knew the names.

 I planted several new varieties to expand our flower garden: a dahlia; a clematis; brown-eyed susans; purple cone flowers. I also bought some annuals for the flower boxes. And it was definitely time to begin mowing. That kept Mike busy several days.

Wednesday was our last ladies gathering--the spring brunch. As a wrap-up to our Bible study of the book of Ruth, I read Phil Smouse's I Love Ruthie. (Click on the link to enjoy Alistair Begg's interpretation here.)

Immediately after, I headed to Muncie to spend time with these little guys. We went to McDonald's and to a park.

Attempting to feed the ducks and geese

The climber
Friday we enjoyed one of the best theater performances at Taylor University, "The Miracle Worker." (This is a link to the trailer.)

Saturday, after Anderson University's commencement, our young friend Jared came to spend the night before heading home to Little Rock.

Ready for the long drive                                        Looking smug, beating us at Hand and Foot

Mike surprised me with an orchid for Mother's Day!

Sunday, I received very nice messages from each of the children.

Here is son Stephan's ice sculpture for a Mother's Day event. I believe Rosie the Riveter's character was responsible for inspiring women to join the work force and around the time I was born their numbers had more then doubled.

In honor of my mother, I posted these pictures on Facebook and so far have had 75 Likes!

Mother, still beautiful!

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

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The Bug said...

Love that picture of you & your mom - so lovely! And the scarlet taneger. And Rosie the Riveter!