Monday, May 26, 2014

2014 Week 21: A little bit of everything

Weekends are so full that Monday is becoming the day to post Meemaw Moments from the previous week. That and other responsibilities occupied my time so no photos for that day.

Tuesday first thing Michael invited me to our first tandem date of the season. My to-do list was long but, hey, what could be more important than time spent with my husband? The other can wait.

 On the ride home I wanted to stop and take pictures of flowers I'd seen.

 A runner approached--Kayla's dance teacher and friend of many years!  We had a very nice chat.

Another breakfast out on Wednesday! This one planned long ago with dear friends on their RV spring-summer travels. They have so many grandchildren, so graduations and weddings keep coming up.

John and Elvida are the ones who connected us with Taylor University thirty one years ago and welcomed us into the community.

Stephan called in the evening and said they were headed to the Mexican store and restaurant in Marion and would we like to join them. How could we turn that one down? So, we ate out twice in one day!

We thought the menu offerings were more authentic than most. Stephan had tacos de tripa (tripe) and I torta de lengua (tongue).

Thursday was Leah's dreaded dentist appointment. She wondered how they were going to remove the temporary teeth so firmly in place. Her fears were correct and the procedure was very painful.

I kept watching her hands and feet to ascertain the level of pain. When the hands clutched tightly and shook, and the feet went up, I knew it was bad. The beautiful new teeth are worth it!

Thursday is TBT on Facebook, a recent trend that I finally understood and got into. It stands for Throw-back Thursday and contributors post old, old, photos! Tuesday I had started working on digitizing Stephan and Karen's wedding album and was deeply engrossed in the story of that event almost fourteen years ago. I decided to post a couple of favorite family pics.

Friday these little guys showed up with their Daddy. They never stay still very long. See how protective big brother is.

In the afternoon I traveled up to Mother's. She invites me every year to her church's Mother/Daughter event.
She wanted a photo of her parents. I found this frame at the Mission store, perfect antique look.

Saturday morning before heading back home, I explained the 'selfie' trend to Mother and here's my experiment.

Did I fail to say that the outdoor growth has overwhelmed us? I try to spend time weeding, cleaning flower beds, planting new things, but there is sooooooo much to do.

The primrose blooms are almost hidden. I had to photograph from below.
The lilies of the valley, some of my very favorites, used to grow profusely on both west and east sides of the house, but this year for some reason the eastern ones died out.
I planted the Bidy Gonzalez or Diosa dorada that I received for my birthday.

Mike purchased a newer more manageable mower (0-turn) and is delighted with it. He also spends time cutting down dead trees, splitting and stacking wood, when not riding his bike and training for the Circle Tour of the Basque Country!

Sunday afternoon, Sam and Kristie hosted a baby shower for Joey and Lindsay.

 I enjoyed catching up with Kristie's side of the family and helping Jude who wanted to stick with me the whole time! (smile!)

Another attempt at a selfie!

Have a meaningful Memorial Day, all! And a very happy birthday, Michael! You caught up with me at last!

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The Bug said...

Here I am VERY late to the party, but I have to say that I LOVE your selfie with your mother - it's fabulous!