Monday, March 17, 2014

2014 Week 11: More snow, more birthdays

Warm and cold days follow in rapid succession as spring approaches, or not!
Aches and pains come and go as we grow older. Both of us this week were dealing with various issues, doctor appointments, tests, medications, but still continue to enjoy life and whatever each day brings.

Monday, another dentist appointment for Leah, not as painful this time, however the area remains sensitive and precarious until this procedure is over.

Tuesday, if possible, I stick to a writing schedule in the morning and may have completed the final (?) revision of our love story. The afternoon was so warm and spring-like I swept the deck--ready for the next snowfall! Then I cleaned the solarium and rearranged the plants. Some may not survive the winter, and most are eager to be moved outside and/or be re-potted.

Wednesday we awoke to a beautiful landscape, the clingiest snow of the season, every pine needle coated.

Throughout the day I captured these different views of the pine we brought back from Canada.

It was Stephan's birthday and here's what he said on Facebook about the snowstorm:
"For all of you Winter haters: I was born in a blizzard 43 years ago and that blizzard has shaped my attitude about all things Winter, apparently. So just know that today's snowstorm is none other than a birthday gift for me!"

Stephan at 4 months; First Christmas, in Germany; Wearing his wedding zoot suit 

Thursday, even though the sun was out, Brutus the cat was not so sure about the snow and much preferred to nap indoors. 

Looks like someone else enjoyed a nap. I borrowed Kristie's Facebook photo for you to see Sam. So many continue to ask about him. The incision has closed up this time, but his energy is not 100% yet.

Friday on my way to the writers' critique group, I stopped for this take. While not a great photo, it reminds me of how blessed I am to meet with these friends committed to help one another achieve excellence in writing. We have great fun and many laughs in the process.

That evening we tried out the new restaurant in town--RP's Pizza. Hope it lasts longer than all the others that have preceded it in that location.

Next we went to the Taylor Theatre production of the commedia The Servant of Two Masters. Hilarious!

I had nothing to show for Saturday, except a house in order, ready to welcome our growing family and celebrate two birthdays on Sunday. As busy hostess and grandma-on-demand, it is almost impossible to enjoy the event and take pictures too. Here are a few of the better ones.

It's time to learn about the different chess pieces!

The Lil'Kernel may be the size of an avocado this week, but we already notice its presence and may soon find out its gender!

A new fun family game was introduced: Spot It!

Thus ends the week and another wonderful family gathering. Many hands helped clean up the mess so the old folks could enjoy a quiet evening.

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The Bug said...

Pretty snow pictures! Now let's hope it decides to be done now...