Saturday, August 9, 2014

2014 Week 32: Empathy

A lovely lily sprung up at Dove's Crossing. . .

. . . even as the boxes and last items from the Broadway house kept piling up.

No matter the state of things, Monday Night Meal must go on.

Nova eyes the rabbit stew longingly

Tuesday was a big writing day. I had two goals in mind. One was a blog post--the story of what happened to our friend in the Basque Country--a life lesson in empathy.

Wednesday my ladies group had another fellowship lunch outing. The funniest moment was when Liz's order arrived--a GIGANTIC tenderloin sandwich!

Where's the bun?
Michael had planned a mini vacation for us in lieu of our annual tandem tour. We left that afternoon for Nashville, Indiana. Interestingly, just before we left I threw my back out and was forced to slow way down, and take Ibuprofen--an opportunity to better empathize with Michael as he continues to recover from surgery.

Little Nashville is a small town big on art--"the Art Colony of the Midwest" for over a century.
This stunning piece of public art had just been installed in the last month.

We thoroughly enjoyed wandering in an out of galleries and shops, easy conversation with artists and vendors, amazing unending creativity everywhere.

Artist at work--Spanish surname and ancestors from Cataluña 

I took very few photos. These reminded me of someone. A couple wood sculptures for you, Stephan.

And decorated gourds for you, Leah.

Good meals at unique eateries like: Muddy Boots CafeHobnob Corner Restaurant; The Sandwich Place, likely the largest Bobby Knight collection anywhere; and Miller's Ice Cream House which offers a Teeny Weeny ice cream sundae for 99 cents.

Friday mid morning we left Hotel Nashville and toured one more art gallery before heading home.

Breakfast view
I had planned to run a 5k this morning but the nagging back ache wouldn't let me. I was disappointed.
Is that how Mike feels as he waits to get back on his bike?

So, here we are, still taking it easy, catching up on laundry and putting away the abundance of produce we gathered today at Victory Acres.


The Bug said...

Love that lily! Such a beautiful color... And that leaf installation is really nice too. But I think the ginormous tenderloin sandwich wins this week - ha!

Hope you're both feeling better...

Kimberly Hoyt said...

Sounds like a lovely getaway! Hope your back is feeling better. We honeymooned at Brown County State Park, and spent time in Nashville but haven't been back since.