Sunday, August 31, 2014

2014 Week 35: Pain, Pets, Problems, and Precious Ones

Monday Mike tried another therapy session in Indy. He continues to have recurring episodes of excruciating hip pain which limits or interrupts exercise or physical activity.

I loved this scene at Stephan's that evening, everyone enjoying one another's company while waiting for dinner, and Nova the cat surrounded by light, laughter and love. Ah, the life of a pet!

I have wished that for Brutus, but haven't known how to make that happen. The decision to find him a new home, and the way it came about, was quite traumatic. But in the end turned out well and the actual move Tuesday morning went more smoothly than we could have anticipated.
We placed his breakfast in the cage and Mike stayed nearby talking soothingly after closing the door. In the car I sat next to him and kept him calm as he anxiously observed his changing surroundings.
His new home is with our former consuegra (co-inlaw), widowed and living alone. Already that first day he proved to be good company for her.

My first class was that evening and, among other activities, we had fun with some skits that help to associate the Spanish vowel sounds with a situation or scenario they will remember.

There were problems, however, that we are still working through. Tuesday I found out that I had been given a different edition of the textbook than the students. By Thursday although I had access to the internet, I could not figure out how to get the audio to work. Technology has transformed the class room.

A package came from my cousin this week. She found a very old Bible that my grandfather must have given to my mother. There is a sample of her handwriting as a child. I wonder how old she was?

Michael spent two and half days helping Stephan with their well problems. The water had ecoli, and needed to be chlorinated. In order to do that, Stephan had to locate the well, dig it out, disassemble, change some things, put it back together. They ran into beaucoup problems. Hmmm. . . it may have been a good deal to pay to have it done.

Friday afternoon Sam's three younger boys spent the night.

There they go, and here they come. . . over and over. . . back and forth. . . up and down.

"It's too early to let go of blankie. . . or maybe not"
This is the big weekend in Upland--yard sales everywhere. So we went down town, and stopped at a few. The boys picked up a few toys or treasures.  We stopped at Leah's to see how theirs was going.
The best part was to see little precious and her lovely mother and radiant grandmother!

I suspect that from now on my weekly blog will NOT be complete unless it has a picture of baby Rebecca.

Zion remembered the playground at the church so we ended our adventure with a play time there.

After they left, Mike and I had fun running around town on the ATV!

Come back for more about the town festivities next week.


Kimberly Hoyt said...

Sure hope and pray Mike can find some relief from the pain, and that they can pinpoint the problem and find a solution.

Look forward to hearing more about your Spanish class. What's the makeup of the group? Regular college age? Non-traditional? A mix? Are they required to take a language, or do they have a real desire to learn Spanish?

It looks like y'all are experiencing the same lovely weather that we are -- just wondering if our earlier than usual warmer weather portends an excessively hot summer!

Karen Kay said...

Rita, I 'love' reading your blog and looking at all your photos. I have it as a bookmark in plain site but don't always get to it.

Such a 'beautiful' baby girl is your great granddaughter and great to see all the other grandchildren
as well. Trust Mike will get that hip healed in the near future.

The Bug said...

Hope your technology woes are over by now AND I hope that Mike is feeling better. I agree that no blog will be complete without a picture of the baby :)